Applebee's Restaurant Is Picking Up The Phone and Calling Their Customers!

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So my mom just told me this story today and it's definitely worth repeating...

Yesterday she placed a to-go order at our local Applebee's. Nothing out of the unusual. She went to pick up the food and enjoyed the yummy goodness. But this post isn't about food... it's about marketing!!!

Earlier in the afternoon today her phone rings, she sees the number but not sure who it is, so, unlike me (who rarely ever picks up the phone), she picks it up and it's a young girl saying she's from Applebee's and is just calling to say how much they appreciate her business and hope she enjoyed the food.

My mom was pleased they called and even told them how delicious the food was.

I definitely give Applebee's an applause for making the effort to call and thank their customers for the business.

But they could have done sooo much more!

For one, the girl should have asked how the food was and if there's anything they could have done differently.

Two, they could have made an offer for her to come back to visit! Instead of saying, "We hope to see you soon!" They could have said, "We appreciate your business, so the next time you come to our restaurant any appetizer you want is on us." Or, "We have a FREE $10 gift card for you to use the next time you come and visit."

Since they already had her name and phone number, that's all she would have to give the next time she visits to get her free goodies.

It's great to see people getting offline and back to the basics with the phone!

Anyone else have this experience recently? What kind of offer would you have made to get the customer to come back in?
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