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Hi all,

I'm a freelance marketer and steadily realising I've got a lot to learn on the sales side of things. (So any help would be greatly appreciated).

My plan (after a cold call sales funnel) is to book in a 20-minute demonstration window with a client, but I'm trying to figure out what would be the best thing to demonstrate in this time.

My rough thinking is a sample marketing plan with examples of other clients I have worked with and how and why it would get them the results they would want. My plan would be to deliver it via a screen share using powerpoint.

What do you think to that idea? Is it dumb or does it make sense in principle?

Any better ideas would be more than welcome!

Thanks in advance.
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    Demos are a terrible sales technique. SaaS business owners keep trying to make them work because they're the only thing they can think of, but the same problems these companies had when I got to the US in '09 are the same problems sticking around a decade later.

    Qualify and indoctrinate before you get on a call. Get buy-in.

    Your 'story' idea for the demo is not a bad one. It's better than "here are the menus and technical functions of the thing."

    From an article I wrote in 2014...

    "Look at that list of SaaS sales problems from 2007:

    > I don't have enough leads
    > My customers want to customize my application
    > Getting new customers up and running is too long and hard
    > My prospects aren't Internet savvy
    > My sales cycle is too slow and takes too much effort
    > My prospects always seems to want that one thing we don't have
    > My prospects don't have enough time or interest to talk to my sales staff.

    These apply to ERP, accounting software and CRM tools as well, many of which are sold as SaaS solutions.

    Why do you think these things happen? Does it sound like the SaaS solution matches up with the buyers' problem?"

    Take two of the most common:

    > My prospects aren't Internet savvy
    > My prospects don't have enough time or interest to talk to my sales staff.

    And when you combine them, you see results like former Boost CEO Amit Mehta encountered...such as 85% of people who download your app never installing the thing. Pretty serious SaaS sales problems, right?

    You have marketing hurdles to overcome prevalent in your industry far before the demo phase comes up in the sales conversation.
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    You really need to gain their confidence and the way you do that is not by
    demonstrating what you can offer them......(well not yet anyway)

    You show customers (and potential customers) how knowledgable you are
    by asking them the right questions. I know that sounds obvious, maybe
    even a little trite.....but very few understand the power AND CREDIBILITY
    this approach gives you.

    Ask enough of the right questions and you won't need to ask if they'd like to
    see a demo of what you can offer.....they will be begging, demanding to see
    what you can do for them.

    It all starts with a qualification sheet. This is just a series of questions, organised
    so that they flow in a apparently seamless way. Sometimes their answer leads naturally
    to another question....which may be out of your designed sequence...but you get the idea.

    When you've finished your questioning, you say 'Well Mr customer I think I've covered
    everything there, unless you can think of something I've missed.......'

    'Based on what you've told me here I'm thinking that a demo of what I can do might
    be the next logical step...how do you think we could arrange that?'

    It's a process. It has to start with qualification.

    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

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    What I do is know what the clients exactly need, analyze and suggest for solutions, settle to an agreement, and deliver. Pretty simple, though it works fine.
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