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I have a question for you that I need some feedback on. I am getting more and more requests, generally from very small businesses, to set up lead generation assets and campaigns. As all of you know there are several parts to a lead generation campaign, i.e. lead magnet, copy writing, landing page set up, online advertising management, etc.

What I am struggling with is how much to charge to set up some or all of these elements. I don't do by the hour stuff and I haven't for many years, but fixed pricing on this stuff seems to be all over the board when I talk to other freelancers.

I have talked to some that say they set up everything for $500 and others say $1,500 for the whole thing. I still get others that break it apart and say things like the lead magnet and copy writing will be $4,000 and other stuff is also of varying costs.

Those of you doing this for clients, I would love some thoughts on how you price and bill this.
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    Stick to 500-1500 for your pricing range for full set up.

    Then shut off the computer, walk into a quiet room and begin to feel your fears around charging 1500. Does it feel highly uncomfortable? Awesome. Stuff to clear, for you to charge on the higher end of that price range.

    Folks pay you what you clearly align with. I sold more courses and landed more clients after a 10Xprice hike on courses and services. All about the fear of charging too much money, feeling it, letting it go and proceeding. If you are generous in offering service, be just as generous pricing your services. Mirror effect.
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    Hourly rates and fixed fees limit your income. May as well have a job.
    Instead, Price on value.
    Charge a fixed fee/retainer plus percentage of value.
    Gives you a big incentive to produce. Give client confidence that you can produce...

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    I should clarify that my motivation for asking the question isn't fear, but more practicality. I have no problem asking for whatever I think the market will bear. However I also live in the midwest in a small city where I believe prices are a bit more limited.

    If I was in Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, etc. I could probably charge 10K and get it no problem and/or find enough prospects that would pay that, but in my area most of the businesses are small and don't have those types of budgets.

    Which brings up another question, I know some web designers in my industry that specialize in a specific niche and then go market to that niche nationwide and work remotely with those clients. I could probably do the same so maybe that is a good solution to the issue of a constrained market in terms of budgets available.
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