What is Your offer? Are you easy to say "Yes" to?

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Niel Patel refers to selling in Brazil as an easy way to make a thousand sales at an over $1, 000.00 price point, because they can't get out of paying, for some reason.... So you can literally offer it on payments of 20 bucks per month if you want to, and it's money in the bank. The product is one thing... But the way your offer is structured is a major factor. We must be easy to say " yes" to. Interested in hearing how different people structure their offers. Have you considered this?
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    Ghost town, huh? Well, in any event; offer structure is a MAJOR component to success in any sales pitch.. being easy to say " Yes" to is major.. Wether it is by creating 3 bonus products worth 10 times the price, or by offering a payment plan that a person can't say " No" to.... "There" is a key
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    Lol, every subforum is a ghost town now. I don't know what happened. You can find people were still posting regularly in 2016 ... somewhere in 2017 and 2018 everyone just about dropped off.

    Good post though.

    (Just want to make it seem like you are not talking to yourself)
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    I found too; when you target and connect with the perfect person, they buy what you offer. Independent of pricing or any other factor. The 1 constant; make your product easy to buy. Amazon, Selz, any site with 1 or click and buy policies. But if you really resonate with someone they see solutions and give little thought to pricing. Price points work perfectly for these folks. As you branch out into newer markets it can help to get your pricing down cold, for sure.
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    Payment plans aren't part of the offer, they're introduced to facilitate the close when the Buyer indicates they sincerely want to buy but full payment at the moment may be an issue. The offer being "get that, and I'll give you this as well." Bribes. I mean, rewards.
    "Best book on answering objections I have seen... it's for photographers but it has brilliant techniques you can use in any business." - Claude Whitacre. When They Say That, You Say This (Amazon Kindle)
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    When I had my lawncare biz, I noticed when I used incentives,
    like go into a draw to win a free breadmaker, the leads and clients ended up
    being of low value.

    When I focused on the biggest pain on using
    a lawncare service, or for that matter,
    hiring any contractor to do work around the home,
    and using a penalty if that should ever happen,
    I attracted the most valuable clients.

    Those that paid the highest per cut, greater frequency of the cut,
    stayed with me till they died,always paid on time
    and were a real pleasure to deal with.

    This flowed onto the valuation of the business when it came time to sell.

    It's not about the quick transaction, it's about the long term
    casflow per client and the asset valuation which becomes very saleable.

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      For hiring a contractor, make sure you check their license and previous project success rate. Furthermore, before you finally proceed, you get the project estimates and work schedule to avoid any confusion during the project.
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    I have been at this for a long time and I have been moving more and more in the direction of selling 'the offer' more forcefully than just selling a product or service.

    I say that with the caveat that all of the other things we would normally do should still be done.
    So yes of course, focus on pain points and build up the actual product...

    In regards to incentives attracting a different crowd, I would say it is true, so control the crowd by offering an incentive your ideal crowd would want.

    Anyone that would be swayed to buying lawn care thanks to a free toaster may be a bit of a dolt.

    Change the incentive to we donate 10% to the local children's hospital and suddenly you have a crowd you want as customers.

    In regards to what the offer actually is, I believe every part of it, from presentation to payment plan is part of the offer. The language of communication is part of the offer. The method they can buy (online chat, one click in an email) is part of the offer...

    On the subject of it being quiet in here, you can thank Facebook. Nobody needs to come to a forum, they are already on Facebook all day and it has self contained forums in the way of groups for anything under the sun.

    Absolute genius move when Allen sold the forum back in 2014.
    Whoever drove the decision to buy the Warrior Forum will never be bragging about it on a resume lol

    I popped in today because I stalk Ewen ;-)
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  • :-)

    Smart people are always ahead of the trend.....

    In business when everythig is going gangbusters.....sell out. The end is near.

    Allen was spot on.

    See it in corporate business all the time...

    If Jeff Bozo sells Amzn...you can bet the end is near. Won't stop some fool with more money then sense paying $1 trillion for them.
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    Whenever you aim and join to an ideal individual, they acquire exactly what you present you. Impartial of any other element. Step one continual; create your solution simple to purchase. Amazon, Selz, some other site using click or 1 and purchase guidelines. But should you truly empathize with somebody else that they visit remedies and offer little notion for pricing? Price-points get the job done flawlessly for all these individuals. Since you branch out to brand new niches it will also benefit get your prices down chilly, to get confident.
    Have a nice time
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    Just to clarify.

    Here are a few examples to demonstrate what I mean by defining your "offer", and the value of doing that:

    Example #1:

    For many years I desired to have a very, very "Top of The Line" Fender Stratocaster... Not just your average run of the mill kind.

    For those who dont Know, the "Stratocaster" is a guitar. I love fine guitars.

    So anyway... , for many years, I felt I couldnt lay out the $3,000 - $ 4,000 "Cash" that it would require, in order to OWN such a guitar.

    I would look at guitar magazines, and go window shop at the guitar stores, and "dream" about it, but I couldn't actually "do" it.

    Then I came across a store one day that offered easy credit terms, and you could "Pay While you Play". That was their "offer". They would actually let me take my dream guitar home for a mere down payment of $99.00, and then only $99.00 per month!

    Well guess what?

    Not only was I able to take home my dream guitar, but; since then, I have faithfully spent well over $30,000.00 with that store, and will probably spend another 30k there, in coming years. I just RECENTLY made another major purchase.


    I was already in love with the product, and could have gotten it from several places.... but I couldnt take advantage of anyone elses offer
    , because they all wanted cash... These guys made me an "offer", that I could take advantage of.

    Now they have made a loyal customer, have me in their funnel, and have made tens of thousands of dollars more off of me than they did in the initial sale... and they have 100 thousand more customers, who are loyal to them, just like me.

    In another example:

    You don't make roofing sales appointments by offering to re-roof someones house.... You get them by saying "Hey we are out in the neighborhood, offering Free, No Obligation Roof Inspections".

    "A Free Roof Inspection". That is the offer that leads to a legit sales presentation.

    You can set sales appointments all day with that., and then if you offer some kind of reasonable financing options, or other USP, you will get more sales.

    How many different opportunities for "buying" , can you offer / present to the prospect?

    Your "offer" will determine who can buy from you, and who cant... or who will, or wont. The deciding factor is not necessarily just the product, or service itself, in most cases.

    In many cases, the desire is already there... waiting for the right "offer".

    When a prospect is ripe, and you come across them, and they want it ANYWAY... its just a matter of who makes them the right offer.

    Last example:

    In the early 2000's my team sold over 20,000 directory site listings within a a year, by offering a "free" web page design.

    A person was entitled to their free web page design ( usually worth over $xxx.xx) by our company...

    We would put their "Free Professionally Designed Web Page" in our business directory, and submit it to all the major search engines. They did not have to pay for the design, and they did not have to pay for their first 30 days in the directory....

    They only supply billing information....it would require a monthly fee of $24.00 to stay in the directory beyond thirty days. They could cancel anytime.

    Most did not.

    I could give many more examples... but , as you can see, the "offer" is something to be considered. I hope I have conveyed this in a way that helps , and is clear.

    Many people desire things that they could get from ANYWHERE... but they ARE going to get it from the person who makes the right "offer".

    Claude may know that, in vacuum sales, many otherwise "closed sales" go down in flames at the last minute, because the financing company may consider the prosepect to be a "U.Q.".

    What if you were able to offer something for those who fit in that category....? Just saying.

    Some may say that's going for low hanging fruit... but many companies have made many hundreds of millions, by simply coming up with solutions, for that ( "U. Q." ) sector of potential buyers.

    Those potential customers want it already, but are waiting for someone to make an "offer" that works for their situation.

    U.Q. s are just one example.

    People who want to buy anyway, are just scouting for the "offer" they cant refuse. The one that gives them an excuse to do it, and no reason not to do it.

    Hope this helps someone.

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