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I discovered a way to get the most from Manta.

The challenge was it was slow and messy.

Yesterday I discovered I can create my own custom search engine
for any website, including Manta.

Super easy and fast.

Just need a Google account.

You still need to extract emails out of text.

In the screnshare video I take you through from finding the custom search engine page, creating it for, what to type into the search bar, where to paste text into the email extractor, how to get into your custom search engine at a later date. all in a couple of minutes.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Extract emails from text

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    I'll definitely checkout the video. Thank you!
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    Stuff by Ewen is always exciting and actionable!

    If you could send the complete video as the one you have on does not seem to work.
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    Thank you for sharing this information
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      Originally Posted by maxsi View Post

      Do you mean to SPAM them ??
      Spam them?
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    Ewen, you are now peddling spam? What has this world come to ;-)

    "Spam" - this comes up in literally EVERY online thread where I have talked about emailing businesses. So much so, that I don't even bother sharing information on how to profitably (and completely legally) communicate with businesses via email with cold outreach campaigns.

    First off, to anyone thinking emailing businesses is illegal, or spam, IT'S NOT..

    Stop thinking about technology, just for a second.

    At its core, email marketing simply means to reach out and try to engage a potential client.

    We call them, we say hi at meetings and talk to them, we drop stuff in their mailboxes...
    Is that spam? or illegal? no... it's just business outreach, and email is no different.

    As far as the legality of using email is concerned the criteria are simple.
    No misleading headlines, clearly identify yourself and your purpose of contact and give them a way to opt out of future communication. That's it. Your are now can-spam compliant.

    Now lets move on to where this is going to go next...
    Is it annoying or poorly received.

    The answer is yes, if your an idiot.
    Sadly the internet is rife with idiots that send out a gazillion untargeted messages.
    We label the idiots spammers, even if they have met can-spam, though honestly most don't.

    But, do you know when you go from being annoying (and called a spammer) to being well received?
    When you have what they actually need.

    If I go door to door later and offer a bucket of water for sale I am going to really annoy my community.

    If I go knock on a door to sell my bucket of water to a guy who's fire alarm is going off I am suddenly a hero...

    Marketing is no different.

    I cold email and my spam complaint ratio is about 2 out of every 1,000!
    Good luck doing anything, including giving away free money that gets that low a complaint rate...

    Communicating with businesses via cold email is NOT spam unless you do it totally wrong and offer nothing of value.

    Thank you for reading, I am now going to go have a spam sandwich.
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      Originally Posted by Peter Lessard View Post

      First off, to anyone thinking emailing businesses is illegal, or spam, IT'S NOT..
      Just to clarify this even further. I know many of you are thinking you cant send emails without a prior ok... And you get this from the mail services that require so when list building. What they want is compliant right? no, not really.. compliant with thier back end bandwidth needs yes.. compliant with law.. way over the top over kill.

      CAN - SPAM 2003 very specifically states that it does not require e-mailers to get permission before they send marketing messages. There is no mincing of words here. This is why in many circles the " Law " is called the " YOU - CAN - SPAM " act

      Compliance falls into three main categories. UnSubscribe Compliance, Content Compliance, and Sending Behavior Compliance. I copy and pasted from the Law directly the section below that bullets what is compliant from each:

      Unsubscribe Compliance
      • A visible and operable unsubscribe mechanism is present in all emails.
      • Consumer opt-out requests are honored within 10 business days.
      • Opt-out lists also known as suppression lists are used only for compliance purposes.

      Content Compliance
      • Accurate "From" lines
      • Relevant subject lines (relative to offer in body content and not deceptive)
      • A legitimate physical address of the publisher and/or advertiser is present. PO Box addresses are acceptable in compliance with 16 C.F.R. 316.2(p) and if the email is sent by a third party, the legitimate physical address of the entity, whose products or services are promoted through the email should be visible.
      • A label is present if the content is adult.

      Sending Behavior Compliance
      • A message cannot be sent through an open relay.
      • A message cannot be sent without an unsubscribe option.
      • A message cannot be sent to a harvested email address.
      • A message cannot contain a false header.
      • A message should contain at least one sentence.
      • A message cannot be null.
      • Unsubscribe option should be below the message.

      So I am sure some of you are smart enough to notice #3 in the last list " A message cannot be sent to a harvested email address." Pretty straight forward correct? no - not really later in the act we find this:

      it is illegal to initiate commercial email to a recipient where the email address of the recipient was obtained by:
      • Using an automated means that generates possible electronic mail addresses by combining names, letters, or numbers into numerous permutations.
      • Using an automated means to extract electronic mail addresses from an Internet website or proprietary online service operated by another person, and such website or online service included, at the time the address was obtained, a notice stating that the operator of such website or online service will not give, sell, or otherwise transfer addresses maintained by such website or online service to any other party for the purposes of initiating, or enabling others to initiate, electronic mail messages.

      So the first one is pretty obvious.. start with Bill and end with a list that is Bill9876 or the like... ok that's just silly, but I can look in my mail box and find a some piece of SPAM doing just that..

      And the 2nd one.. oh this is when things get fun... technically speaking... one would have to look into the terms of use clause and search for this one. So Manta was the OP's target of choice.. so we can go here: and find section " Your Information " and we quickly see that a statement that clarifies no 3rd party sharing.. in the case of Manta is NOT present... it is actually stipulating 3rd party sharing.. so obtaining e-mail address in the OP's manor is CAN - SPAM compliant.

      To make this even a bit more fun... there is the better than average assumption that when creating a list to help boost overall conversion one must offer a free report or otherwise to obtain the email address correct? GUESS WHAT?

      " ...offer a product or service free of charge as long as the user provides a valid email address " IS NOT compliant within the scope of CAN - SPAM.

      The law is basically all jacked up... It is not enforced... to the extent that it could be... the services that provide e-mail services could care less about being compliant, and are simply concerned with bandwidth. Service providers jump hoops that do not exist in terms of end users that complain about what they perceive to be CAN - SPAM complaints. and honestly... I will bet for but a very select few ( the world over, let alone this forum ) have not a clue what Spamming is / or isn't in terms of the laws that govern as such.

      So pretty much stop whining... follow the simple rules above, staying within the laws that are present.. and make sales.

      Hope that Helps.

      PS @Peter Lessard, 2 per 1000? I would say those are damn decent numbers.. my efforts usually get about a 1 in 2300 on average.

      Like I am sure many of you have read me state before.. to even consider this method ( cold e-mail ) that the numbers had better be there.. my last campaign as an example was from a pool of 1 million address that took 3 weeks to send out which resulted in 437 respondents and resulted in 38 closes.
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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    As for collecting data from Manta or other sites,
    it's legal when not behind a password.

    In fact it is illegal for the website owners
    putting in place blocks to stop the taking of their data!

    Linkedin took a company to court for what it thought was violating
    it terms of service.

    The Judge ruled against Linkedin
    and ordered them to remove the blockers
    they put in place to stop the company taking their data.

    See details here...

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      Originally Posted by ewenmack View Post

      As for collecting data from Manta or other sites,
      it's legal when not behind a password.

      In fact it is illegal for the website owners
      putting in place blocks to stop the taking of their data!

      Linkedin took a company to court for what it thought was violating
      it terms of service.

      See details here...
      This is actually a case i have been watching with some amount of interest. Just to clarify it is HiQ that took LinkedIn to court, and not the other way around. What gets interesting if you read the article linked is LinkedIn is fighting for members " Privacy " and HiQ is arguing the point I make in the post above about Terms of Service and YOUR information... 2 very different arguments and it is no wonder LinkedIn lost. We can share your data with search engines, but we dont want companies to mine the data for their use.. just a flat out loosing argument.

      Now what gets a bit interesting in this David vs Goliath battle is exactly what HiQ does with the data it collects. They happen to be Head Hunters... You being a business owner need new talent, you hire HiQ to provide a list of talent.. and HiQ uses the " Public " data to provide prospects based on a number of calculated dispositions.. IE How long will each prospect stay with your business. ok sounds good right? read this:

      Skip the overall text and go right for the pinkish peachish box along the left side about 1/2 way down the article and look specifically at points #2 and #7. In essence ( being as generic with what I am about to say as possible ) but you the business owner hiring HiQ would more than likely in some way shape or form be breaking laws.

      Step forward what 8 months? from the time the article was written that Ewen left a link for to Facebook / Cambridge Analytica and there is a huge blow out over " scraped " data. I will also note what separates LinkedIn/HiQ vs Facebook/Analytica is there was no legal battle for the later.. Facebook basically became a fall guy to all things " BIG DATA " even tho L A W aka HiQ vs LinkedIn/Microsoft would suggest nothing was wrong in what happened.

      Like I said before... all of this at this point is just a huge jumbled mess of screwed up law that was written with some amount of good intention, but the reality is, none of it is protecting or stopping anything.

      And with that I will leave you with this... I am sure many are familiar with the Manhattan Project. I am sure many know that aside from E=MC2 Einstein's only input throughout the project was SIGNING a letter urging the States to develop the bomb.. as we also know he later regretted signing the letter.

      So listing off a bunch of names here... Licklider, Kleinrock, Taylor, Shapiro, Carr, Crocker, Rulifson, and Stoughton... at what point did one of these fine men that can be attributed to giving birth to the " Internet " Look back and think What the Hell did I do? LOL
      Tools, Content, and Strategies to Develop Your Online Commerce Business - Coming Soon
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        Originally Posted by savidge4 View Post

        So listing off a bunch of names here... Licklider, Kleinrock, Taylor, Shapiro, Carr, Crocker, Rulifson, and Stoughton... at what point did one of these fine men that can be attributed to giving birth to the " Internet " Look back and think What the Hell did I do? LOL
        C'mon, now! Everyone knows that Al Gore created the Internet. :-)

        "He not busy being born, is busy dying." - Bob Dylan • "I vibe with the light-dark point. Heavy." - Words that Bob Dylan wishes he had written.

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    I think Berners-Lee has already regretted the thing.

    I've wondered If for some reason naked pictures of woman weren't able to be uploaded would the WWW be nearly as ubiquitous?
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    Learnt alot from this thread. Thanks Ewen
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    Does anyone have problems with email getting blocked and blacklisted when cold emailing?
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  • Great coverage, thanks. Any data extractors worth taking a look out there?
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    This was really a great post with great information for finding the bulk emails for free.
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    I would have to agree with savidge4 here, I have been legally "spamming" companies for years, thankfully the CAN-SPAM act is a law that describes HOW to "spam" someone legally, within your rights. Most people think it's a law against spam but it's not.

    Also yes most people think the definition of spam is emailing someone who has not given you permission to do so. Technically this is not spam if you follow the CAN-SPAM laws.

    At any rate there will always be those unwilling to take risks either because they don't understand the playing field they are playing on, or are too scared of the players and the refs to jump in the game with confidence. Let those folks sit at home and keep dreaming about building an email list from zero to 100K... me I prefer a bit of a head start.
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      Originally Posted by mywebguys View Post

      Technically this is not spam if you follow the CAN-SPAM laws.
      There is no mention of Can-Spam or any other legislation in the definition of spam.
      Spam is Spam.
      And Spam is not marketing.

      I stayed up all night trying to figure out where the Sun went.
      Then it dawned on me...
      What I do for a living

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        Originally Posted by animal44 View Post

        There is no mention of Can-Spam or any other legislation in the definition of spam.
        Spam is Spam.
        And Spam is not marketing.
        But define SPAM.... If you look at all of the Email marketing firms IE Mail Chimp or Get Response or the like, they will let you belive there has to be opt ins.. anything would be spam.. and that simply is not true. In the States SPAM is technically not following the 3 compliance categories listed above. plain and simple. There is not a topic that is "Spam" there is not a product.. there is not a service.. follow the rules and you can send away.

        In all of my years of "Spamming" / cold e-mailing the #1 issue I run into is complaints made against me.. and at first it was very uweilding... over time I learned there is a process, there are e-mails and calls that can be made.. and IF you are following the rules.. and you can show proof.. you can actually keep a pretty clean record.

        Keep in mind.. its YOUR BUSINESS' record that dictates deliverability. YES kids there are actually black lists and the like. There are technical ways to develop better deliverability. This is a good read:

        I would like to point out that the article is specifically written about the Australian CAN SPAM policy, and it DOES differ from the American version. I do believe the UK version of the ACT is very much the same as Australia's.

        But the REALITY is because the American version is so... how to put this... slack ash, as long as I am sending from an American server and there is not any links pointing to Australian or UK servers, because they would be pointing to American based servers, I living in America can send Mass e-mail pretty much anywhere in the world.

        That said... you DO have to comply with your ISP's own regulations. I personally have a very good relationship with mine. I have an onsite mail server.. The ISP I use for this happens to be a fiber optic firm.. I just so happen to have a PAIR wired right into the shop. Needless to say there is plenty of bandwidth. Again I do have a good relationship.. My e-mail server complies with my ISP average and peak times, and it only operates during its off peak periods. I also follow many of the technical structural components listed in the linked article.

        In the Australian and UK law.. SPAM is pretty well defined.. The American version, its defined as not following a set of protocals.. and again follow the rules.. and send away.

        So basically depending on where you live.. you can call it SPAM.. or you can call it another day in the office.
        Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Geat information, I can expect.
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    Definitely, Will Check out this video.
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