The Local Pressure Washer Guy. How To KIll A Sale

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My wife and I just decided to get our home pressure washed along with the deck, all the concrete, and maybe the roof.

We called three people that advertised such a service...because one person never called us back, and the second one never showed up. Third time's a charm.

On the phone, I said "Please take a look at our home, stop by my store, and we can arrange for you to do the job". You couldn't get a more done deal, if you tried.

The guy came to our store, and asked if we had been to his website to see his testimonials.
I said "No. I believe you'll do a fine job. How much will it cost?"

And he proceeds to add it up...."$1,300 for everything". I said "Agreed. When can you do it?"
He says "Well, my equipment is in the shop right now. It should be out by Friday".

Me "Great. Whenever you can do it. Can you take a credit card?"

Him "Sure. I charge 3% more if you use a credit card"

Me "No. I'm not trying to negotiate price, because I want it done...but you can absorb the fee"

Him "But I have to pay it out of my own pocket."

Me "As do we all. No business charges for using a credit card. And we all pay the fee"

Him "OK, but I have to charge you sales tax."

Me "No you don't. There is no sales tax on services".

Him "Well, I have to make money somewhere" (I'm not joking, he said that)

Me "Sales tax isn't income. Your making about $1,200, after all expenses. And I'm willing to pay that. But not more.

Him "I have the cost of chemicals"

Me "And you knew about that when you quoted my price. As soon as you do the job, stop by the store, with a few photos of what you did, And we'll pay you right then".

And...he fiddled with his calculator for a few...dead...minutes. I knew what was coming...
Him "Can you pay me now? If you go to my website, you'll see I have lots of testimonials".

Me "Nobody pays in advance for this kind of work. They pay on completion." I looked at my wife, and she knew I was ready to change my mind. She said "When can you do this?"

And he agreed to call when he was ready to do it.

Amazingly, what angered me wasn't the $1,300....a premium price...hundreds more than another quote I got. (although he never showed up to do the work).

It was the nickel and diming me....trying to add small fees that no contracting business would add.

And why did I not want to pay him up front? Because he said earlier that his equipment was in the shop. I didn't want to be the guy that pays him, and then waits for the job to be done.

And....he was terrible. A few times he told me that people tell him he's a great salesman...something only an idiot would say. And he kept giving me clues that...he needed the money, right now. Always a bad vibe to give off.

Truthfully, he had one thing going for him. I saw the job he did for our neighbor, and it looked just fine.

I know, deep down in his guy's heart, he thinks he "closed the deal". But I called him ready to buy, and he almost talked me out of it.
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    Sounds like he knows he has no competition....doesn't it?

    My son bought a pressure washer for $500 a couple years ago - takes less than an hour to clean the patio and does a great job on driveway and walks....he hired a kid up the road to use it on the house. It has a low setting and we clean the cars with it, too....handy machine

    Buy one of those and rent it out to your neighbors....
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    $1,300 is a lot for this kind of service too.

    Pressure washing is an easy business to get into and this is one reason why. If you already have a truck the expense is no more than a few grand for a pretty good setup.
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      I agree, this price is high enough, you can look for something cheaper
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    My lawn care guy wanted $300 to do my house, which after a few calls I discovered that this is the going rate. No collusion, my ass.

    I went out to Home Depot and bought a beautiful, top o' the line power washer, for a good deal more than $300, but it truly was the principle involved. I pay my handyman $50 to do my house with it and I get to use it for the car, the dock and my aquariums. I also get him to turn it on me a few times a year when it's reasonably warm. Beats those monthly showers.

    The thing is so freakin' powerful you have to be very careful how you aim it and from what distance. lol

    Claude, you need to be very careful when power washing a roof, especially when you live in a thatched hut.

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    I should mention that it was $450 to do the entire house and gutters.

    The rest is mostly the roof (with a 3 year warranty on mold) and all the concrete under my deck...driveway, and sidewalk....and my deck in back.

    The $450 sounded reasonable to me. The upsells were a tad overpriced, but I didn't have to take them.

    When he saw no price resistance, he started adding little costs.

    And ...truth be told...I'm not going to do it myself. And I'm never getting on a roof.
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