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Hey fellow warriors anyone of you here have a fresh idea for cold emailing a specific niche to offer local citation cleanup?

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  • Emailing clients and having a different approach is the way to go. Test out different email tactics. Ive probably written more than several hundred different email templates and tested each one out to dozens of business owners to see what would stick. I have different strategies now that work together with cold emailing that helps improve response rates!

    Since you're selling local citation cleanups, I recommend maybe sending them a quick email asking them about how their SEO is doing and what not. I also recommend taking screenshots of their current SEO and showing them a problem they may be lacking in. For example, Google screenshots of their ranking or anything of their website to help capture their attention. And from there, it's about building trust honestly.

    If you can gain their trust and you show them who you are, you can go a long way. following up with a phone call two days after you have sent them an email asking them if they have seen the emails is another good way to kind of capture their attention and tell them to check it out!
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    Simple email is to say:

    "Hi there,

    This is x from company x. Would you be the best person that deals with x?



    This is x from company x. We help x solve y in industry z. Would you be open to having a friendly no obligation discussion about ideas that might work for your industry?


    This works
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