Anyone Know About Car Service Leads and How to Sell Them?

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I recently got a website that produces 400-500 calls a month for a car service (luxury). I was wondering if anyone had any experience with selling these kind of leads and which is best way and how much to charge. Per lead/per phone call/rent site per month??? Any help appreciated!
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  • I would like to suggest you go for Facebook ads in the beginning because it give more lead than any online advertising option.
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    The most common method of selling leads is to get the client to pay the ad spend, plus a management fee of typically $500 to $1,000 a month. You could spend the ad-spend on SEO, or another lead-generation method to give them more value.

    Offer 10 free leads first, so the client can find out how many of them they can close (an effective business might close around 60% of leads), then charge as above for more.

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    What type of car service? What country are they coming from?
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    Are these people who already want to buy cars? Because anybody walking onto the lot is the lead. And anybody ringing your phone ask you questions is not ia lead unless you collect their contact information. If you have a contract with a car sales company, it might be wise to charge them ahead of time before providing them any leads. Or have a set rate per lead.
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    Yes, you need to be sure that they are leads to buy a car. A few people who are new in IM consider any inquiry on a car they are promoting as a lead. This is not the case as some of them are only curious about the car and may not be interested in knowing anything more than how long it takes to accelerate to 100km/h.
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    New car buyers? Old car buyers? If the latter, find people who buy old cars, spruce them up and sell them. Not the 1-man, 1 car per month guys though.

    My car detailer, by the way, does this kind of thing... Seems to be going through 6 to 10 cars a month.
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    What type of service are you offering? Do you mean luxury cars for rent or is it more for maintenance and stuff for luxury cars? Ad-spend on SEO would definitely help.
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