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Hi everyone here,

Currently, I'm looking for an idea/platform to create a community about health, beauty, tech...that our main feature is to make everyone doing surveys about those topics. This site is only for our local business.
Do you have any ideas about platforms (or engine/mechanism) best fit this?

Thanks for reading and your advises.
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    Then you have to go where the buyers are.

    "Where should I host my platform?" is answered best by knowing who the users are going to be. If it's mostly internal users, then you probably want to get off social media platforms like Facebook groups or Reddit and onto something like a Flarum forum.

    Or maybe Slack, though I have a lot to say about that kind of choice (whether it's Teamwork Chat, Telegram, or something else similar.)

    And there are some startups like communify.cc or guild.co

    Maintaining control over your platform is important, but in a commercial situation where your buyers are already on one platform, it's probably best to stay on there (eg. Facebook.)
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