How to Generate B2B Leads???

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My company provides niche advertising services to businesses looking to get in front of hotel guests/travelers.

Our main clients are retail shops, restaurants/bars, nightlife, beauty salons/spas, barber shops, auto repair, locksmiths, tourist recreational/entertainment stuff (museums, tours, comedy clubs, plays, etc.), vape shops, cannabis, wineries/vineyards. We have clients that range from small mom-and-pop type companies to some of the most well-known, publicly traded companies in the world.

And right now, 100% of our revenue is generated through outbound cold calling; however, I'm looking to change that number. My background is in cold calling, not internet marketing.

So I was hoping to find someone who could help give some good online ideas for how to drive INbound calls from business owners/marketing professionals who would potentially be interested in checking on hotel advertising availability?

Thank you.
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    1. If it's working why change it?
    2. What makes you think your clients are looking online for your services?

    Edit to say: I don't believe people search for advertising services online, so I think your online efforts would be wasted. However, feel free to prove me wrong...

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      Originally Posted by animal44 View Post

      I don't believe people search for advertising services online, so I think your online efforts would be wasted. However, feel free to prove me wrong...

      People may not be looking for advertising services online but they may well be looking for marketing and advertising ideas, case studies and statistics online.

      I know I am. And as a former bar owner, I know what I was searching for all of the time: How to promote my bar, on- or offline.

      I think an ad for your service would have interested me greatly.

      Given 2 things: 1. The thing you offered seemed possible to do (like: this will work for me / in my area / in myindustry)

      2. The thing you offered looked like it could produce positive ROI

      So why not target each specific industry with some customized ads ...

      Target keywords like bar promotion, restaurant promotion, beauty salon marketing etc.

      Get a case study set up for each. Salon A before / after you run a campaign with them

      Restaurant B before / after

      I'd probably have kind of a funnel setup: people click on ad, get to see case study in their industry, sign up for more info, receive some emails educating them further, get invited to set up a call with you

      something along these lines.
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    If it were me... I would skip the response above me because the TRUTH is there is strength in diversity no matter how you look at it.

    I would hit LinkedIn all in. I would create white papers focusing on the smallest of your customers to the largest. I would hi-light what business was like before ( the problem ) and what growth looked like after. ( the solution )

    Keep in mind you are working a down hill curve here, because basically you are pushing "Print" and in todays advertising ecosystem that is kinda a bad word. BUT.. you have access to a captive audience.. ones that are staying short term and wanting to experience the local culture and best of places.

    Which brings me to the next concept.. do you have an online version of your advertising? IE do you have a directory that hi-lights your current customers? You maybe should be working with infuencers in your area that specialize in all of the different aspects of business you advertise for ( Ie A wine expert, Foodies, Vape dudes etc ) to help drive localized traffic to your advertisers as well. ( again a concept of diversifying end users from short term, to resident long term )

    This directory would be a source of Inbounding as well. This directory would be your hub for social activity such Instagram, and facebook and LinkedIn etc etc etc. By becoming a source of advertising for local business online as well as the in hotel efforts... other local business' will take notice of your efforts. See and bee Seen is critical basically. And can you say upsell?

    Hope that helps, and if you have any other questions just ask!
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    You need to constantly generate high-quality leads that you can convert to customers. It's very important to take lead generation seriously. It's one of the most important processes of your business and you should be constantly evaluating the effectiveness of all your lead generation tactics.There are some ways to generate B2B leads-
    1.Have good conversations as often as possible
    2.Use Twitter for lead generation
    3.Use lead databases
    4.Use marketing automation.
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    Find a big, active group on LinkedIn, and be its biggest supporter and participant.
    Create a simple, easy-to-use software and market the heck out of it.
    Monitor your brand for mentions, and jump on opportunities.

    Although B2B leads are notoriously evasive, they are nonetheless extremely attainable. The secret is to find a method that works, and pound it. Use this method until you exhaust its usability, then move on to another method.
    With these three methods, you're well on your way to gaining some valuable leads in a very short amount of time.
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    One thing that comes to mind when thinking about this is the use of promotional merchandise. It is a highly effective way to get your name and contact information across to those that matter the most to you.

    There are a large selection of products you can choose from. Personally I recommend trying promotional shopping bags, they are long lasting and have a very practical use allowing for your potential clients to take full advantage whilst being constantly reminded of your brand.
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    I just got involved in the business funding arena and I'm very curious how I would go about generating B2B Leads? I would like to know the best way to fulfill that need in my local community. Do you have any suggestions?
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    My thought is more offline than on, but you could have your own online version as well. Consider what some restaurants do which is offer advertising space on their placemats. In Hotels, they may not have placemats per se, but they could be deskmats. An app could be created as well, to create cross-promotion.
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    A few ideas -
    1. Linkedin works wonders for inbound B2B.
    2. Instagram - Target ads to business owners (hotel pages). This can work good as a lot of hotels have instagram pages and ads (maybe, a video?) can be targeted.
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