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Hi warriors,

I am thinking of possibly getting into the business of selling apps to local businesses. Is this still a hot market to enter? On average (for those that sell apps to local businesses) how much do you folks charge for selling apps to local businesses? Is there a maintenance fee? Are the business owners open towards app or do they resist?

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    Apps development is one time process but marketing the App, making it useful to people who finds it on Playstore is more important and will consume more of your budget for the App in marketing as its a long term process.
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    There's market everywhere today but how are you going to reach them? Do you have a marketing budget? want to go door to door(very time consuming but work)?

    There's also the business model, do you know about lean startup, will save you lot of money you know...

    I started by myself selling app and marketing to local business but found that it was taking too much time and was too much troubles to scale up so i changed my business model, i'm now selling b2b leads to marketing agency, much more easy and make things much easier for agencies (and again i choose an interesting business model getting paid like an affiliate month after month...)

    good luck
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    I have a good friend whose business is just this, he builds out custom apps for many different local businesses. He has been pretty successful and has had a good response from traditional business people.
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    Selling anything to businesses in 2019 is going to be tough and particularly tough when the results may not be tangible.

    If you are going to sell an app to businesses then it should probably be focussed on delivering customer service.

    The outcome for the business owner must be clear stated and justified via proven ROI.

    More so than ever the return on investment plays a part because there is a general tightening in many parts of the world and if the tightening trend continues for most small businesses the last thing they will want to spend their money on is something that doesn't have a proven record of delivering more customers, more revenue, more frequency of purchase or reducing business operating costs.

    If your apps can deliver in those key areas then you have a winner.

    If the app is "just something nice to have" then it will be a hard road.

    Best regards,

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