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by jaudet
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Hey guys!

I want to test out drop card marketing very soon and want to know your opinion on what you think would convert best.

weight loss niche.

I have access to a free weight loss supplement trial that pays 30$ per lead for a free trial and pay shipping only. EDIT: because it's a CPA network, I might get blacklisted and it might be an issue with drop card marketing...

My second option would be a ClickBank product that use rebill therefore I would have the opportunity to make residual income for couple months until they drop off. Average sale amount is in the 300-400 range with the monthly rebill.

If I use a gift card model or 50$-100$ Bill model for my drop cards and say something like save over 50$ With this free trial or save over 100$ on your next training program, what do you think is more likely to convert best and offer the best ROI ?

I'm open minded and ready to learn and get your opinions! If you have any other ideas in other niche that work great please share too.

Thanks !
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    Weight loss is a good business, but to use drop card you need to A) Use the right message and B) Don't drop your cards willy nilly. Place them in weight loss magazines or go to WW meetings and drop them around the place discreetly. Also, you want to have the right message, so don't buy a bunch of drop cards until you DO have the right message. Find a drop card template and make your own and when you have a message that works, grab 5000 or so and go to town placing your drop cards.

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