Beacon and Proximity Marketing - Anyone using it? Will it become more popular in 2019 and beyond?

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I remember when Facebook announced that they would be making available beacons for businesses to use to engage brick and mortar's visitors back in 2017 and thought "let's see where this goes".

Fast forward to 2019 and I still don't see much in terms of people raving about beacon and proximity marketing, likely because the majority of phone users don't keep their bluetooth on.

I've also read a little about nodes, which seem to be a way around the bluetooth issue.

Is there anyone in 2019 who is using beacon/proximity marketing? If so, what do you think of it, what are the main obstacles (privacy, etc.), and do you think there is a future in it?
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    A big setback for beacons and proximity marketing was dealt in the beginning of December.


    Basically Google killed off the Nearby Notifications for beacons. Now the only way to get beacons to send out messages is having dedicated apps that work with the beacons. Which creates a whole slew of issues, such as the fact that not everyone downloads apps to every business that they visit and just the pain of connecting beacons to apps.

    It hurt part of my business because I had invested in buying bulk beacons and in technology to update beacons remotely for businesses.

    There is money in it but now it's much more complicated.
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    You can us geofences around key physical sites: stores, arenas, airports, schools, even competitor outlets. These fences create zones that trigger an SMS message or other action when a customer enters or leaves. It is called geofencing and may be great alternative to help you accomplish your goals.
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      this seems no different than spam. If the customer has to way of opting in or out, I can't imagine this will last long either. Unless I'm not understanding something about it.
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    Expect beacon marketing to go the way of unsolicited faxes and spam emails. Not sure when, but they will.
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    Just my opinion after reading a few comments and having discussed this with a company offering this service, but the presentation of the offer/message has to be right. If it is often or feels intrusive, then it will be like Spam as another person pointed out. I also agree that Geotargeting is the way for this to work, as well as leveraging Free Wifi at that location. Adding a physical beacon is far too limiting to this idea.

    If the message is interesting "Thirsty? Come in for our half-off beer Happy Hour" is better than "Click here for a Coupon." Too much work. Get you point across with a call to action that is SUPER easy.
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