Advice on good inventory management software to use?

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We run a small manufacturing facility and have been managing our inventory the ancient way for the past 3 years; spreadsheets, late reporting... we would like to finally bring our operations to the this century lol and need some advice on better inventory management.

we were considering a few options: trade gecko looks good just not sure their extremely high price tag is feasible for us. I was told about Unleashed by our intern also, but their reviews are making me worried. Also came across Dear Systems which seems like a good fit for us, their reviews and case studies look solid, and the features seem to be what we need at the size we are right now.*

I am always hesitant to try new systems though as it would be a big change for us. Is anyone familiar with Dear Systems? Or if you have any other suggestions on alternatives would love to hear some thoughts...
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    I don't know about Dear Systems but you could look into Quickbooks Enterprise and NetSuite by Oracle. Enterprises is offered in desktop or cloud and NetSuite is cloud based.
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    Hi John,

    What sort of manufacturing do you do?

    What number of stock items do you carry and need to manage?

    Who is currently managing the stock control?

    How do they feel about change?

    What would your ideal stock control systems look like?

    Reason I ask you these questions is I have a manufacturing component to my business and you will help others respond if you give people some more info as to the some of your operations.

    We've run various systems over the years and in most cases they have been geared more to compliance with tax requirements than adding any benefit to the stock management.

    In my case, despite have a good tech team, we revert to visual methods because most of the people pulling and using stock are more likely to work with something that benefits them and saves them time rather than is just a record of what is being used and what is in stock.

    Depending on what you are really trying to achieve there may be some suggestions I can add but without more information from you those suggestions may not apply to your circumstances.

    Oh, have you read any of the "lean manufacturing" type publications. maybe checkout "Made to Order Lean" by Greg Lane.

    Lately I've been doing some really simple stock control just combining visual Tags like stop light colours on stock so people can see how low something is visually and quickly and combining that with simple kanban type card in a project management tool called Ora.

    I know it should probably be fully set up linked in to our accounting system but that has never fully worked for me and the staff I have but we can always get values for accounting if needed but I'm more concerned about efficiency and productivity.

    Hopefully you can share some more and this thread might expand further.

    Best regards,

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