What is the best marketing strategy for getting clients for tour business?

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I am in the food tour business. I spent a fortune on facebook ad and adword but hardly getting any client, I can no longer afford it. I have only one client ever since I started my business 3 months ago. What is the best way to promote my tour business online and offline? How does other travel company promote their business?
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    Hey Alex,
    I think you need to answer your own question there...
    Originally Posted by Alex Lin View Post

    How does other travel company promote their business?
    Assuming there's actually a market for what you're selling, and where you're selling it... what are your most successful competitors doing right now, to promote their business?

    Find out what your competition is doing. And then come back here with a new question...

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    Look at expanding your customer base, meaning have you tried taking your food business into businesses like garages, engineering firms, construction sites? the way I see it you have a mobile food business try taking your food to your customers instead of them coming to you....

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    There's not only one marketing strategy for a business, but there's something you need to consider that is more important.

    Why those people you targeted with ads never converted?

    Maybe it's a problem with your website or your copy. And that means not even a killer marketing strategy can't help you generate sales.

    Do these two things and you can succeed:
    - Improve your website, social media platforms, everything about your business. Look at your competitors and make something better!
    - Develop a marketing strategy that you can do yourself if you have to. Again, look at competitors and see what they do. You can also look at influencers in your industry and see what type of content they have.

    These are just some quick ideas.

    Remember that the quality of what you publish online about your business is 80% of the success.
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    Food tour business... You have to fill in some gaps here. I'm assuming you mean tourists in a specific city are escorted to various spots where they can eat or purchase food specialties? In your city or are you seeking to book tours outside of your area, outside of your country?

    If it's a food tour in your area then participating local businesses and area hotels might be places to offer your brochures. Also you could partner up with travel agents and agencies both where you are or abroad. Same with partnering with existing tour companies. Your business then becomes about marketing your food tour to those businesses.
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    Here are a few tips that might help.

    1. Create a few helpful YouTube videos with the right keywords about your food tour
    2. Survey people who visit your business to see how they learned about you
    3. Study what your competition is doing
    4. TEST every type of advertising you do with a coupon code so you can find out what advertising methods are working and which ones aren't.

    That would be a good starting point. All the best to you.
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    Got my reply removed because I shared a link. Sorry!
    Anyway, just to re-summarize what I've shared.

    I'm doing some consulting for a food tour business in Penang, Malaysia.
    Here's what we found.

    1. The tour usually gets discovered on partner websites like Tripadvisor, Klook, Airbnb, etc.
    2. Facebook might not be too effective, because people don't go to Facebook to 'search' for tours. A retargeting strategy may work though for Facebook.
    3. Google SEO is the best strategy for a food tour business. That's because people research for interesting tours or things to do in a city that they are visiting.

    What we've learnt is also that many people only search online for nearby activities, ONCE they are in the city already. So being discoverable and searchable with SEO works well.

    Hope that helps!
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