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Has anyone done or heard of a successful shared mailer in an envelope with three or more businesses?

I've done two business in an envelope before and it works great. But it's natural in that one business introduces the other business. I suppose one business could introduce two or more businesses but it may be too clunky to make it work.

Obviously there is the postcard route which has it's own set of advantages and disadvantages.

any ideas or insights?

Updated Later:

Obviously there is ValPak which has 30+ businesses in an envelope although not in the form of a letter.
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    There are many PIP, package insert programs.

    Meredith media has them for all their magazine brand subscribers.,
    like Martha Stewart.

    500,000 is their minimum.

    Disney has them
    with 100,000 minimum.

    Lots of other mags offer them.

    Then there are Statement stuffers.
    Gannett Newspapers offers it to 7,2000,000
    mailed Statements.

    Cable and Dish networks have 15,900,000
    of them.

    Telecom and insurance billings have them.

    Oil and gas have them.

    Retail credit card Statements got em'.

    Hundreds of catalogs have em'

    Very common.

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    Ewenmack covered it nicely. But your offer has to have a very wide consumer appeal (something anyone could likely buy) or a very high margin (like thousands of dollars on one sale).

    As long as the others in the mailer aren't political, religious, or a direct doesn't really matter who they are. The envelope is opened expecting offers and savings.
    One Call Closing book

    What if they're not stars? What if they are holes poked in the top of a container so we can breath?
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    Here's an example of the owner of
    several catalogs,
    a name you probably haven't heard of...
    Colony Brands.
    They have 16 million going out.

    Here are some of there advertisers...
    going out 100,000+ at a time...

    Buena Vista Home Entertainment

    Checks Unlimited

    Consumer Cellular

    Satellite Mailer #1

    Direct TV

    General Merchandise Mailer #1

    Geico Insurance

    Insurance Mailer #1

    Guthy Renker

    Highlights for Children

    General Merchandise Mailer #2

    General Merchandise Mailer #3

    Luscinia Health

    Sweepstakes Mailer #1

    Stratford Career Institute

    The Bradford Group
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