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I just found out today that Joe Girard died at the age of 90, on February 28 of this year.

Who was he? Joe was the world's greatest car salesman.Ever.

In his best year (1973) he sold 1,425 cars. He sold them one at a time, to people like you and me. That's like running a two minute mile.

He was so far ahead of anyone else in retail car sales, that when he would show up at awards ceremonies, the other car salespeople would boo him. Why? He made them look lazy.

In my life, I had two men that I looked up to in sales. Two giants that I learned from.

Ben Feldman and Joe Girard. I never met either one of them (although I talked to Feldman briefly on the phone)

Ben Feldman was the world's greatest life insurance salesman. He personally sold more than two thirds of the life insurance companies that existed while he was alive. To me, he was a mythic being. A Super Hero.

Joe Girard was the other one. He started with nothing (Like Feldman), and at 35, went into a car dealer and got a job. For 12 straight years, he was the greatest car salesman in the world. Eventually, people would fly in from all over the country, just to buy from him.

These men made millions of dollars, and sales figures that still astound, without the internet. Without massive cable TV ads...... One sale at a time. Nose to nose with their buyers.

Gerard wrote How To Sell Anything To Anybody. One of the classics on selling at retail.

Anyway, to me, these guys are celebrities.
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