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I have a client that is a video editor. He does phenomenal work. He's had 2 paying gigs so far. It's been a hobby until recently.

I've gone through the standard checklist, asking him who his target customers are, what need he fills, etc. But he's not even sure himself.

Have any of you worked with video editors/videographers in the past? Prospect list so far:

- people who have gone on vacation - turning their pictures into a video clip(s)
- same with weddings
- businesses who want some sort of video intro clip for their website
- some sort of clip showing a collage of product demonstrations

Video is the relatively "newer" advertising media on the internet. I don't have a lot of experience, but I know the possibilities are endless.
Video testimonials are good too, but I think that's outside the realm of what he's looking to do.

He's looking to take media/content (theirs or stock images) and turn it into a catchy video clip.

An example - a travel agency has a 60 second clip on their website - it shows aerial shots of beaches, mountains, resorts, the waves in the ocean, people smiling and drinking and swimming.

The wedding photos and personal albums would be smaller paying gigs. I'm thinking the best prospects would be businesses who really want to work on their branding and show that they're a higher-end company, even if they're just getting started.

What are your thoughts?
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    I know an owner of a video company, had done weddings and went after corporate work. The consumer market as you know is low pay, intense competition, and the lower they pay the more grief and unrealistic expectations you'll get from the consumer.

    Bigger companies look for video to market themselves. Those are big productions, six figure jobs, it's on par with making a movie, requiring scripts written by copywriters, director, talent, lighting, sound, and trailers to haul all the equipment needed. There's a large capitol investment and you're up against industry leaders.

    You might be able to get a small business here and there who just want a 30 second slideshow of their photos, that's what it sounds like your product is, not expecting anything more of it than just that, but I don't think there's a lot of demand for it. And most will figure out something that simple they can do for themselves on the cheap with a platform like Animoto, and have their brother-in-law do it, because he's handy with a camera, takes video of all the family occasions.

    Bottom line, your guy's going after the bottom of the market so to just get a low paying personal gig here and there he'd be better off working for other video companies and get wholesale work in volume rather than go after retail. Let the video companies invest and battle to get customers. Market him to the companies.
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      Appreciate the response! I've spoken with him more and he's thinking smaller businesses is who he wants to begin targeting. He's done work for a car dealership and a travel agency so far. They weren't the 6 figure gigs you were talking about, but he made a couple grand on each. He did say that he has secured two more jobs on Upwork in the $800-$1200 range.

      I'll mention the larger marketing agency angle to him. I still think there's room out there for him to also do what he's been doing, and to continue to scale it up.
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        Why not use his existing assets, the work he has done for the travel agency and car dealership and target those in same industry?
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          Thanks Ewen, I definitely plan to do that! I think my "list" was pretty broad. I didn't get specific on the vertical of businesses, because I think it can be fit to just about any.

          I was focusing more on the relative size - the travel agency isn't a big name, it's a husband and wife mom & pop type place. And the car dealership is a smaller used car lot, not one of the big guys.

          I think the big guys would just go with a television commercial. Some may see it as this guy "isn't aiming high enough", but I think he's being realistic and just wants to do more of what he's been doing. At least for now.

          added later: by the way Ewen, how about some new posts from you on customer re-activation campaings! I'm literally reading your old posts on the topic right now for a differnt customer. Great stuff.
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            Thanks for your kind words.

            I have stopped giving out free content.

            The only way to get my eyes and brain
            on a project is from somebody who can make a compelling case.

            Very rare now does this happen.

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              Fair enough. You've contributed plenty already. And btw- a post I just made on obtaining buyers lists is still being approved apparently. I made it before seeing your response here I'm just looking for some discussion/brainstorming. I did mention one of your posts though.
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                What's your question about buyer lists?
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                  Here's the link. It's approved now. You had mentioned something about having a list of mattress buyers or a list of people who were likely to buy mattresses soon based on triggers or life events. (An old thread I linked to in the post)

                  The only way I know of to get buyers lists that aren't already yours, is to buy somebody else's. In the post, I asked if there are services or companies that sell that type of data.
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    This is one of those services... where it matter less ( Ill explain ) WHO you target, and focus more on what it is you are selling.

    The explanation: A video of snapshots put together does not have a clear target. A service that provides Wedding photos put into a video you would market May June and July. Vacation video July August September. Holiday family Video Nov Dec Jan. SAME "Service" separate targets.

    Something I would suggest... work locally, get the Google Contributor app. Have your guy make quick little 15 second videos of some of the business' they regular and post them as content with a outro with his information on it ( business info phone and website and a social or 2 ). Post same said video on his / her social media - with some detail of why he / she visits etc. and post as work example on the website.

    The above concept puts you in front of the people that actually consume this type of content and have reach to those that would actually buy such content. Son sees a cool video on a coffee shop he goes to, and goes home and tells dad "Hey, check this out, your business needs something like this"

    I will assume your client also does some amount of photography? They need to localize content and be on IG like a mug. Look up " Gary Vees $1.80 IG strategy " and your client needs to be all in. This would be another place to post the small snippit videos. Customers will contact him wanting one for their page - I will just short of guarantee it.

    Your client needs to create a a couple of explainer videos of what it is they do ( photos to video, video snippets of your business, more detailed work ) with the photos to video piece it should look like: He /she takes a stack of photos and produces this using state of the art this that or another so you can share your memories with family and friends around the world.

    So your main page on a site will have an overall intro video of what they do, and then a set of explainers showing the process and then examples of work identified by category Wedding party, Holidays, Vacation, business, etc etc.

    Again One service, and multiple multiple multiple targets. Just start with one, create a specific lander example example example - book a consultation now

    Gives you a simple navigation path on your website, and the lander creates a specific path to aid in more targeted efforts.

    Hope that Helps!
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