DRTV is still a thing(at least in Korea)

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I came across this on my Youtube feed:

And I was actually surprised that shopping channels were still a thing. I'm not even sure how to find the shopping channel on my TV.

According to this article (dated 2013),it's actually bigger then "real" TV:


Is there a good book on infomercial you would recommend?

I'm also kind of surprised that this industry didn't migrate to Youtube (or at least I never came across a similar example --- unless maybe we count channels like linustechtips).
What are your favourite infomercials (on youtube or otherwise)?

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    Yes there is also a shopping channel here in the Philippines, but they're also on social media.
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    Hit up Facebook Marketplace.. they are all over the place. They are alive and well. Social platforms like with many other things have disrupted Corporate run operations, to more home brew type stuff
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