HACK - How To Find Higher Paying Clients and Consulting Projects

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Hey Warriors, I was reluctant to share this....but I have way too many clients now.

Make sure you have a rocking LinkedIn Profile, Website and Resume.
Join ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn Jobs, Ladder, Indeed and others.

You will get job offers almost daily from companies globally. You can either apply to jobs and get in a conversation and move from you working for them....to having the business hire your agency.

Or...once you find out the companies name and decision makers. Reach out to them independently of the job offer and offer them a Free Evaluation of their Digital and Social Media Marketing. You know they're looking for help.

I have landed several clients this way over past 4 years. Most are 3 Month Contracts between $1,500.00 and $5,000.00 Per Month.

Good Luck Warriors!!!

James Hickey
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