This is one of the most recognizable brands

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Slap that logo on a 16 oz cup of coffee, and you practically have the right to sell that coffee for $2.50. And even if it faces stiffer competition with newer, "third-wave" coffee chains, Starbucks will always be the go-to coffee chain for everyone.

Chime in your thoughts below.
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    Short message but to the point
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    you can also copy facebook... that will not make you become Mark Zuk...
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    What Star bucks and whole foods have done .is help establish a market willing to pay premium prices for what 30 years ago where low prices commodities .

    So if you want to run a coffee house and road your own beens and charge 5 dollars a cup of coffee or 20 dollars for a pound of artisanally roasted beens.

    If there are Starbuck near you there is a market .

    With whole foods it has help drive the market for locally produced food that is premium priced and a large number of people willing to pay.

    Now I think the rules of branding are if you have a brandable personality and people will identify you will the brand . Go with that .

    But if you are like a Zuckerberg the company you build can't have your personality haha

    "I just wanted a good job ,but i could not find a good job, So i do it myself"-Jack Ma

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    Starbucks will always be the go-to coffee chain for everyone.
    The brand will be identifiable - does not guarantee it will continue as a 'go to'.

    The increases of a few percentage points in 'Starbucks growth' has been attributed more to higher prices and added items than to increase in customer base. In an economic downturn, this is a brand that will lose profits and stock value quickly.

    In our small city we have one starbucks in town - a second on the University campus - and a third in the Kroger grocery store. The new Dunkin' (formerly Dunkin' Donuts) has cut deeply into the SB business here.
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    logos means a lot - brand . so only on right logo you can earn a lot . nice point )
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