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In the olden days, stores were usually just physical entities for us to buy products. Nowadays with almost everyone owning an Instagram account, stores have to be experiential as well. They need to be differentiating, visually appeasing, and Instagrammable. The visual aesthetics are just not for show - they also influence our purchase decision.

Some examples:

Any visually-aesthetic store you've been to? Chime in.
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    I have seen many stores on Instagram and their stuff is selling like hot pancakes. All of these stores either connect their Instagram stores to their sites or just take orders through DMs with different payment methods (e.g. paypal, online transfer etc.). On Instagram, aesthetics and creativity go hand-in-hand for generating buyer intent.
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    There are a number of "Pre" Instagram examples I could list... Just about any furniture store... IKEA... The Gap

    Displaying product in CONTEXT is not by any means a "New" concept... right now its just "Trendy"
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    This would be a good market to get into if you are creative and like working with people directly. I've seen many businesses get an interior design overhaul and they look great. It wouldn't be too hard to pitch to businesses that need this since it would be lucrative for them. Many businesses, however, are on a budget and/or are just too traditional to see the value in "instagraming" their property.
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