There are so many great business ideas out there, there's just ONE SMALL PROBLEM

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... the cost of getting a new customer!!!!!
Customers don't come free ya know... they come at great expense.
So the next time someone comes up with some great way to make money, like starting a JUNK DRAWER STARTER KIT business...
...ya, ya, it's simple enough to stuff some rubber bands, seldom-used, 12-inche rulers, and old triple-A batteries into a zip-lock baggie... and call it a JUNK DRAWER STARTER KIT, and build your "branding" message to get everyone to agree with you that; honestly, know one knows HOW a JUNK DRAWER actually gets started, and well, you're the first one to solve that problem, and you're the first to market...


The truth remains... sales costs, marketing costs... are a real thing.

If your selling costs are too high, there is hell to pay. But...
If by some miracle, you're selling costs are very low, you'll soon have competitors coming out your ears, including federal agents telling you new rules.

If you're getting customers now, your eternal goal is to lower your selling costs.
But how?
You might start with Cialdini's book called INFLUENCE.
JUNK DRAWER STARTER KITS are easy enough to come buy, new customers are not.
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