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I am deciding which would be a more receptive offer to a client. For example, let's say I think the estate sale will make $10,000.

Would the offer of 35% commission or would it be better with $1,000 and 25%
Most companies just offer the % and charge a $ amount for extras
It would result in the same number for $10,000
I could offer both as an option .

These numbers would be different every sale depending what is involved, but numbers I used for this example.

Also, I know it is different for everyone, but what do you think matters more to a client or your personal opinion

1. Most revenue
2. Lowest rate
3. Most detailed reports to verify sales and for donations
4. How quick the client receives their money

I have received some other feedback and want to compare with people on here.
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    I could offer both as an option .

    I think that's a bad idea - customers expect you to know what your fees are and you would spend (waste) a lot of time explaining something that doesn't increase your bottom line.

    In your example of $10k - your two 'options' would pay the same. To a customer, that can look like playing games. If someone gave me that option, I'd hire a competitor who gave me a straight answer to 'how much'.

    The % of sale amount combined with set 'extras' fees is common in my experience (though I can't remember what the percentage was) - perhaps because it works best?

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    Thanks Kay for the answer. Most companies do a % between 30-40% and charge for additional things. Some companies have a small fee to start the sale.

    The problem with many companies in the estate business, they are still in the last century with handwritten receipts. Also, many on a three day sale are regular price first day, 25% off on second and 50% off on third day.

    I will have bar code scanning for faster and more accurate checkout and detailed reporting. My discounts will be more agressive with the biggest problems which are items under $10, furniture, electronics and too much kitchenware.
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    Why not alternate offers and see what your market says.
    You may well find one offer out-converts the other or. more importantly, is more profitable.

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    Thanks animal44. I was considering it, because I thought about having a minimum for a sale, but using the % and set fee covers that. I will try both and see what happens.
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