What New Way Can I Utilize 30k Followers From an Offline Business For An Online Business?

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I own an offline, regional based business running food festivals and shopping events. My social media following is just over 30,000 people spread between 4 pages. I also have an email list of approx 24,000 people. Most of these people are within a 100 mile radius and at the furthest, most are within my state. The industry I am in has been hit super hard by the covid-19 situation so I am trying to find a way to utilize this following too possibly create an online business that all ties together. I work with hundreds if not thousands of small businesses in my area.

I was thinking maybe some type of blog focusing on small business in our area or state. Not really sure how to monetize that though. I work with an incredible graphic designers but don't mess too much with video outside of little 30 second social media commercials just as an fyi. Any ideas or input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Don't know about "new", however, I'd make offers from local businesses on a profit share basis.
    Response will depend on whether they're buyers or just followers and the depth of your relationship.
    Just 1% response will net you 300 sales sharing $50 profit = $15,000 shared between you and your supplier... (Personally, I wouldn't bother with an offer less than $50 profit per sale)
    You may have to setup home delivery or takeaway type arrangement, but that shouldn't be an issue...

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    Advertise to them your online business if its something they can use you dont know you have goldmine
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