Apple Store and Best Buy reopen stores; Microsoft Stores remain closed

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Image source: Microsoft

An article from The Verge reports that Apple has started reopening of their physical stores, offering kerbside or appointment-based services at more than 70 stores in the US. Meanwhile, retail giant Best Buy continues to reopen more stores as more cities ease pandemic restrictions.

On the other hand, Microsoft Stores remain closed across the country until further notice, and are "taking a wait-and-see approach" according to an email provided to The Verge. Microsoft of course continues to sell devices online, and realigned their retail employees to remote assistance roles for small business, enterprise, and education customers.
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    Thats Good news for me because i am using apple phone .
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    Apple currently has $192.8 billion cash on hand. Can't let the pile get too low, you know.


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    Hey apple is not greedy company at all. Its not like their phones cost over 1000 of dollars. Also dude the company is poor they need to survive, you are talking like its trillion dollar company selling overpriced phones.
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