How will COVID impact consumer holiday shopping this year?

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Marketing Land looks forward to the fast-approaching holiday season and ponders how most shoppers seem far more likely to buy an item if they get the option to return something they don't want at a local store. That's always a factor for certain shoppers - no matter what the financial climate or the state of the nation's health - but will that be enough to get them rushing back into the stores during the first Christmas since Coronavirus visited us?

The prevailing opinion seems to be that the majority of shopping in advance of this Christmas will happen on the internet. It's thought that stores will get a slice of the action but will get well and truly relegated to a far more subordinate role than usual. It's also accurate to say people will be more thrifty this holiday season. In fact, a recent Numerator survey found that 49% of respondents said they'd be spending less than usual.

Other surveys out there confirm that shoppers harbour real fears about catching COVID-19 while visiting a store. Having said that, it's possible to find a survey about the pandemic and shopping that will confirm just about anything you want to hear - so, go figure!

It's difficult to predict how recent events will affect the minds and wallets of Christmas shoppers this coming season. Maybe it's very telling that one such study shows that discount stores have been gaining foot traffic in recent weeks and are fairing better than the malls and major stores. Could it be that financial insecurity and job losses may prove a far more cruel legacy of COVID-19 this Christmas for retailers than a fear within buyers of becoming infected? What do you guys think?
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  • This is why it's important for stores to prioritize and optimize online sales. You have to do more than just reduce your prices and your costs. You have to make it easy for people to buy from you.

    This thread just reminded me of an online ad I saw for a local branch of Forever 21. They have an online "store" but they make it sooo hard to buy anything from it. The process is so complicated that the ad was actually about the different steps on how you can order from the store.

    1. Go to their Facebook page and browse for the item you want on their photo gallery
    2. Send a chat message to their customer support with the list of the items you want to buy.
    3. Wait for them to reply to know if they have the item you want in stock, in the right size and color.

    This is Forever 21!!! They couldn't spend a little more have an ecommerce site?

    It takes so little to make online shopping almost as fulfilling as shopping online. If stores want to be competitive, that would be the key to get more people to buy from you this holiday season.
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    I think we will continue to see an increase in online shopping ,Amazon saw an uptick during the pandemic plus I think online shopping is more convenient. Smart spenders will budget and carefully monitor what they are spending this Christmas
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      Where are you living?
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