How brick-and-mortar stores can improve revenue during COVID-19

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Digital Agency Network offers advice to brick-and-mortar retailers on coping with the effects of the pandemic, and tips on how to improve takings during the crisis.

So, what can retailers do to up revenue during widespread lockdowns and with far less - if any - foot traffic being clocked up in malls and shopping centers worldwide? Increasing sales isn't going to be easy during such a crisis, but some things can be done to adapt to the new sales environment it's created.
  • Connect with your important customers
    The article mentions that it's been said 20% of your customers can represent a whopping 80% of your sales. It's well worth keeping in touch with the consumers who contribute most to your books. That can be via newsletters, emails, or reaching out on a more personal level.
  • Gift cards
    Gift cards are a great way to prompt customers into action - and to boost takings when times are tough. They're a way to remind people you're still open for business during the pandemic, and to offer an incentive to choose your store instead of a competitor. Digital cards also mean customers don't need to leave their home to make a purchase, which is a win-win.
  • Revisit and reassess your brand messaging
    Being sensitive to customer needs during COVID-19 is vital. It's worth making sure that your marketing material takes that into account, given the current times - and the stresses on people.
  • Make shipping easier - and cheaper
    Anything you can do to increase online sales during the COVID-19 pandemic is going to be a plus for your balance sheet, and shipping might be key to success in that area. Make it easier for customers who don't live nearby to purchase items from you. Be fair with postage costs. Keep picking times down to a minimum and encourage good reviews.

Predicting the future isn't easy as things stand, and that's why it's important to consider all the angles when trying to accommodate the needs of locked down and fearful customers. It's worth doing all you can to make sure the shopping process is streamlined. That's going to stand you in great stead for when things return to something more akin to normal.
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    Thank you, Expert! 2020 is really difficult for all of us! My business is decreased 80 percent of sales.
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      What kind go business do you have?

      Originally Posted by Casinotutor View Post

      Thank you, Expert! 2020 is really difficult for all of us! My business is decreased 80 percent of sales.
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