Books Every Sales Manager Needs to Read

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Let's all share our favorite books that helped us the most to progress in our careers. Let me start!

1) Predictable Revenue By Aaron Ross & Marylou Tyler
2) Sell with a Story By Paul Smith
3) Sales Manager Survival Guide By David A. Brock
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    I didn't read a lot of books that effect my career, But I do read a lot of articles, market updates, case studies that helps me a lot. I believe that the most powerful thing here is practice
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    As sales are directly connected with marketing and they're actually the same, I can recommend to read 22 immutable laws of marketing. Of course, it's not about sales, but this book explains all the pecualirites of marketing industry and gives answers on frequent question, like "why some companies are on top, but other companies with the samer products are on bottom?". Anyway, I would definetely recommend sales managers to read this book, because it will certainly broaden their mind and they will start to understand why marketing is the engine of trading.
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