Options to Track Offline Campaigns

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Can you share the ways you use to track offline campaigns?
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    Originally Posted by StatusCake Partners View Post

    Can you share the ways you use to track offline campaigns?
    The easiest? a "Google Voice" phone number. The next option would be a coupon. getting a little sketch having the business owner ask " where did you hear about us? " and keep track of it.
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      Originally Posted by savidge4 View Post

      The easiest? a "Google Voice" phone number. The next option would be a coupon. getting a little sketch having the business owner ask " where did you hear about us? " and keep track of it.
      I've been doing that for a few decades. At the end of the sale, I just ask 'What brought you in today?" It's important not to prompt them with suggestions. On the receipt, I just write down if they saw an ad, which ad, if they are a referral, saw our sign, etc. At the end of the month, I just total up the number of sales and dollar volume from each source.

      I only do this with major purchases. For me, it's anything over $279.

      This longhand way gets me (I think) about 80% accuracy. Certainly accurate enough to judge ads and campaigns. We could program our cash register to record this information, but I just do it manually.

      Of course, if they walk in with an ad, a coupon, or they tell me who referred them, I don't need to ask.

      Of course, a dedicated phone number per campaign would do the same thing.
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    Put together a package and give it a special name.
    Use unique pricing.

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    Build up some pop-marts and get customers' information by handing out some free gifts.
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    Coupons with unique codes for each marketing campaign and channel.
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  • It's a combination always give a coupon they can put on a landing page domain.com/coupon32. also the calls go through twilio.com that will track the calls from each campain without a month dedicated phone the google voice will not work it's unreasnable to have 10 google voice account plus you will not a get a report it's 10 VA's manually counting.

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    Our company uses UTM tags to track our program. With the help of them, you can understand where a person comes from, how much time he spent on the site, how many refusals.
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        enter "yandex metrica" into the search engine, register your company there. Detailed information about your utm tag will be in the section "Reports" - "Standard reports" - "Sources". Then everything is simple, you will understand as soon as you see your link in the list. The UTM tag can be created on any additional site
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    A simple way to track offline campaigns is with discount codes. Simply name your discount after the channel and you'll be able to view discount entries in your eCommerce analytics.
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    You can track your offline campaigns through these methods:-
    1. Promo code
    2. Unique landing page with a link shortened
    3. Return on objectives
    4. Customer directives
    5. Two-step marketing campaigns
    6. Add a "tell us where you found us" form
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    We live in the digital realm where every business is inclining towards the online business; as a result, they are more prone to taking the digital marketing services. But what about those businesses where the importance of digital marketing is not reached till now?

    Until now, most businesses use old school marketing methods; that's why we can say that the traditional way of marketing has not gone away with the rise of the digital age. But the main question that starts clicking on your mind like a punching box is how do they do the marketing and also via which tool they can measure the success of their offline campaign?

    We all agree with your thought that how's it possible to track the offline campaign and how do they test whether their offline efforts are fruitful like the online campaigns?

    So, here we will shed some light on how to help you keep the well-organised track of offline campaigns effectively. But, first, let's take a look at them:

    Use an attribution tool: The most straightforward way to track the marketing success is to use the attribution tool just as Ruler Analytics. It automatically tracks the records of new leads, their customer journey and their revenue at the end of the sale.

    Custom landing page: If you are thinking about offline marketing via printed newspaper ads vs pamphlets, you should give the two different custom landing pages. So that you can easily track the impact, like which strategy gets the most sessions.

    Customer phone number: Whenever you are doing offline marketing of your business, always give the phone number other than you have mentioned on your website. You must be wondering why?
    Because your obvious goal is to entice the customer to your store, so if you mention the store phone number on the flyer, then there is a possibility that you get more calls on that store phone number. With this you can easily track whether this strategy is working for your business in terms of revenue or not.

    If we dive into the ocean of marketing, then enough options are available for marketing. And also, you can track the offline marketing campaign with the above-mentioned points. Additionally, you can also use the unique coupon code for tracking the offline campaign progress.
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    Using dedicated phone numbers and Campaign specific Coupons helped me the best way so far.
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