The final bell tolls for Kitchen Table Underwear Mail Order Businesses.

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In 2009, we had this at the WF:

Re: Jeff Paul and his infomercial. That was a loud tolling of the death knell for these mail order mavens of the late 20th century.

Sitting around the kitchen table, in your underwear no less, and making thousands of dollars a day, often with "eensy, teensy, little classified ads". By 2009 most of these mail order guys had come online and were doing very little with the mails.

2024 will be the year the Kitchen Table Underwear Wearing KaZillionaired DIED. Bye-Bye, mail order guy, drive your chevy to the levy and keep going.

Paper and Ink made the leap to electrons, with www, and big time after Y2K.

The offline mail order newsletters almost vanished overnight.

Today, PRINT costs and Postal Rates make it much more difficult with the small time operator working from home on the one person mailorder business. 2024 will be the year the mail order home biz died.

So, I'm going to have one last hurrah. Guess what? Highly targeted print media could be just the solution to competing with the online podcasts, digital newsletters, emails and videos. Getting something in the mail still has some potential for those who choose carefully.

Jeff Paul was part of that whole BIZ OP field which grew from post WWII and peaked, just before the www got here, and maybe a decade after. Almost all of those old timers transitioned to Internet Marketing bringing much of their hype and hyperbole with them.

Warriors in that thread linked to from 2009, were dismayed with the infomercial. Credibility is a hard thing to lose and then recover from. I wonder how Brunson is doing after his wrestling screw up? Some reports have him losing business hand over fist (pun?). If you need to know about it, google it. Anyhow,

Although I think the small time home business mail order (or I prefer, Remote Direct marketer) business will be mostly a faded memory by year's end, I am looking forward to sending out some paper and ink products via USPS and filling the gaps left by those either no longer with us, or retired, or those in prison, run out of town or on probation or banishment. Those old MO rascals had some characters, eh?

Always a good time to go against the flow, if it is a well thought out plan of action.

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    Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post

    Always a good time to go against the flow, if it is a well thought out plan of action.
    SO, today Alen Sultanic (the only guy I would follow if starting out today) posted this on his Facebook page:
    How to find lucrative little niches that can pull in anywhere between $100,000-$250,000 / year

    One cool piece of advice, check out the dummies dot .com site for ideas. If they publish a book on anything, it has been researched and there is a market for that information, some very niche, but still, for most Warriors, 100-250K per year would be a dream come true.

    I never share off line details, but as a broad stroke, I've done very well offline in the Metaphysical Market place. And it still is a market that buys a lot of real world stuff and they are responsive to mail order offers.

    Anyhow, they have 30 Dummies books just on Marketing, cover most all kinds. And to continue, pick any book, go to the Amazon link and see what else these folks are interested in. I found several #1 best sellers in the category, and looking at the also, and people who bought this, and related links (valuable info), it was easy to identify niches which buy. And BUYERS are what we want, eh?

    Now my plan (still being fully fleshed) is to have both Online and Offline components, both with caps or limited numbers, to retain hands off manageability but to extract the maximum profits from minimum time/effort/cost.

    Maybe you can use Alen's info, and dummies web site, to come up with ideas for some nice side hustles (oh Dummies have a book on that too).

    And remember, still over 80% of commerce of things is done in stores (or their online ordering) and there are opportunities in mail order, Remote Direct Marketing, if you care to add a profit center to your biz.

    OK. I ain't no Einstein, so dummies, here I come.

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    It sounds like you've got a clear perspective on the evolution of the direct marketing industry, from its heyday with mail order mavens to its transition into online spaces. Indeed, the shift from paper and ink to electrons has reshaped the landscape dramatically.

    Your observation about the potential resurgence of highly targeted print media is interesting. While digital marketing dominates the scene, there's still value in physical mail for certain demographics and niches, especially when approached strategically.

    Jeff Paul and his ilk certainly represented a particular era in entrepreneurship, with their flamboyant infomercials and bold promises. Transitioning from the traditional mail-order model to internet marketing was a natural progression for many of them, though it's true that not all managed to maintain their credibility through such transitions.

    As for Russell Brunson, it's always fascinating to see how public missteps can impact businesses, especially in the digital age where information spreads rapidly. Maintaining credibility and trust is indeed a delicate balance in the world of marketing and entrepreneurship.

    Your decision to embrace print media in a time when many are focused solely on digital platforms shows a willingness to go against the flow and innovate in your own way. Best of luck with your endeavors in the direct marketing world!
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    tbh I mostly post here in my undaweah bcs I combine laziness & intrinsic filth in equal measure.

    But it is troo the battle buttween offline an' online persists -- in a perpetyooly evolvin' kinda way.

    So like yr great-great granma would wanna source her next setta teeth (or her implausibly energetic MUSCLEBOUND escort-cum-techfixguy) via her local store ... but in her (generational) preference for NOT AMAZON, she shares a great deal with GenZers who (technically, plus also probably) oughta be in no position to have a frickin' clue.

    "I wanna be authentic," they say.

    So here is a huge plus for PRINT BOOKS, VINYL RECKORDS, DUMB PHONES, plus alla the lack of alcohol gaht great-great-granma to a zillion yrs old anyways.

    We love so the speed an' convenience of online.

    It remains miraculous in its scope to delivah.

    BUT ...

    we are tactile monstahs 'longside our best evah visions of ascendent glory!

    An' ACTSCHWL STUFF in yr ACTSCHWL HANDS still pounds yr senses like nuthin' else.

    Mebbe I should throw on a skoit before I finish.

    Yanno, to be decent an' stuff.

    Plus also, donnin' yr evryday apparel-o-rama has a FEEL FACTAH gowin' on -- as in, I prefer the feel of this cotton jumpsoot to the potentially compromisin' HELLHOLE of no kitten-skin-lined iron maiden.

    Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post

    OK. I ain't no Einstein, so dummies, here I come.

    Yeah bcs fkr ran with a 'tash steada the full face flow.

    Gotta wondah what mighta happened if'n the Steinstah had been born today.

    Or kinda whenevah he gotta do to be a GenZ nobody on the make rn.

    My view?

    Frickin' stoopid 'post-designah, pre-any-kinda-sense' beard, for sure -- complete with $500pm "sourced in sum stoopid Venezuelan village you nevah heard of" balm.

    Since when did frickin' cavemen EVAH have BALM?

    Sure, Amazon woulda rushed alla that shit direct to their faces had it existed.

    But immediate slooshins musta always have prevailed first.

    Tellya, I sittin' here in muh CHAYER in muh UNDAHWEAH when I could cast aside all apparel an' invite balm-hungry hirsuteness as muh next "clambah atop that hoss carries you anyplace an' evryplace" kinda straddle.

    If life is a bitch, a bitch is life.

    (Your great-great granma prolly said that once. Or more times than you can remembah.)

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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