E tu, Offline Marketing?

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The latest darling in the repertoire of recent IM strategies was (I thought) offline/local marketing. Up until a couple weeks ago, every other thread seemed to be about offline marketing for local businesses. Now, it seems that the fickle IM crowd has already moved on to the newest thing. I swear, it seems as if the "latest and greatest" IM strategy or concept remains in vogue in less time than it takes your average teenager to say "Paul Frank" or "Ed Hardy." What gives? Do we really have the attention span of a gnat?

Frankly, I'm going to keep my butt parked here for awhile as I've found affiliate marketing to be ridiculously competitive and autoblogging is merely a vehicle for the shovel-sellers to hawk their latest social media and/or article posting tools. Interestingly, I've recently found the greatest return as a seller on Ebay. Here's a little trick I've come across that has helped generate more revenue on Ebay than anything I've tried (to date) with IM: "buy low; sell high." Works for me.
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    Originally Posted by czilbersher View Post

    I'm going to keep my butt parked here for awhile
    In my experience that's the main reason people on the warrior forum aren't making money.

    They simply don't take enough serious action for long enough to get results.

    I know that's not you I just thought the small quote above taken out of context is a pretty accurate description of many people.

    You'll find many different strategies will get discussed here a lot more when someone has a product launch or there's some other reason for interest.

    The strategies that get discussed at length are usually those that have some merit.

    When members here discuss something less it means just that. You can't read anything into it beyond people being excited about an idea and talking about it a lot.

    There's nothing new about the "offline" niche.

    In fact it is arguably the oldest niche that has made a full time living for people...check your phone book for web designers...they've been selling websites to local businesses for over a decade and doing very well with it.

    Some will go off and DO it and make good money with it. Most will do nothing.

    If you wait a few more months you'll see plenty more offline threads. You'll also see the same thing happen with youtube or facebook threads or some other form of SEO or article marketing...everyone will get excited about new ideas shared here on the forum (or new stories about how old ideas are working now).

    The offline niche tends to create more excitement because it's so much easier than other strategies to make a few hundred or a few thousand dollars in a very short period of time (days or weeks).

    It's still work though.

    It doesn't matter what strategy you use when you're starting out you're going to have to work hard for quite some time before you make some serious income.

    I do have one recommendation.

    Stop jumping from one idea to the next. Choose one thing and get really good at it.

    That gives you the best chance of going from zero or a low income to making a serious income.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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      Well, it seems that ...... ooooooh, shiny!
      Kevin Riley, long-time Warrior living in Osaka, Japan

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        Originally Posted by Kevin Riley View Post

        Well, it seems that ...... ooooooh, shiny!

        Stop playing with my head, Riley.
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        Originally Posted by Kevin Riley View Post

        Well, it seems that ...... ooooooh, shiny!
        LMAO... Kevin I like to use the...

        "...so the way we can solve world hunger is.... OOOOhhhh a butterfly!"

        Seriously though, it is WWWAAYYY to easy to get distracted on the WF if you don't know what your going to focus on and be about. One minute its CPA offers and the next its Autoblogging or a Facebook How To.

        I agree with being in the Offline arena as I have had clients off and on here and there for the last 10 years... and then you get sucked into the I.M. dream of doing it all online from behind your computer sitting in your underwear as the millions just flow into your bank account, right?

        Now if I had REALLY focused on marketing my services and building a client base the last few years instead of being 'wowed' by all these interesting 'shiny' areas that you can get lost in, I would be much happier, healthier, wealthier and wise!!

        That is why I've made it my focus moving forward to forget the affiliate marketing and CPA and other niches and only stay within the Offline market. If something can help me learn some new tips that can be used right away, then great, if its just a "butterfly" then its just a matter of asking oneself, "Can I use this immediately to put money IN my pocket? Yes or No?"

        Its it no, then pass.

        Anyhow, love the thread guys...

        Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day holiday.

        Many Blessings,
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        Originally Posted by Kevin Riley View Post

        Well, it seems that ...... ooooooh, shiny!

        I think that a main reason that these "fads" come up and then quickly die out is because they are indeed great methods of earning a living (hence the excitement) but still require assertive action.

        With IM consulting to small businesses for example, no one can argue that you can't make more money with it then you would working at a regular day job, and that the system is fairly simple a caveman could do it (I love you people who do marketing for Geico). But it takes legitimate work and confidence to go meet business owners face to face and sell. A great portion of people fringe at the thought of selling something face to face. The ones who will be successful are the ones who will stop reading this right now and start taking action comes morning.
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          It dies down because all the JV's move on to the next shiny thing to promote.

          There have been folks here like Andrew and David Preston that have been providing great info on offline marketing for going on 2 years right here on the warrior forum. If people had focused on that by the time it became a fad they would have already been established in their local market.

          I never tried it because I try to stay focused on what works for me vs. trying every new "system" that comes down the pike.
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        Originally Posted by Kevin Riley View Post

        Well, it seems that ...... ooooooh, shiny!

        But Kevin, you've gotta tell me what that shiny is...so I can buy it, download it, and forget about it in 4 minutes...because I'll find out that it actually requires work...and my tin-roof sundae ice cream is more important

        But only for now, I'll get back to your shiny object, I really will...no, really...
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    Some of us have been focusing on "offline" for over 20 years.
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    You'll find that the "crowd" follows the subject of the latest big launch. I guess once they see a couple of dozen emails about a subject, they just assume it's a hot topic.

    I'm not sure what's next in the pipeline, since I'm not it that loop at all (if my count is right, I think it's Frank's turn, though). Whatever the product, you can bet there will be a huge buzz about it. It's part of the "formula."

    That said, each of these major subjects has its merits. Whether it's listbuilding, traffic, video, or even offline, you should ignore the hype and plan out your business so you'll know which pieces you need to master for your business. This way when the buzz starts, you won't be pulled away from your core business, but instead might be able to pick up a few pertinent nuggets from the surge of threads on the current topic, if it's relevant to you.
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    Welcome to the reason 99% of people on the WF aren't making anywhere near the kind of money they want to be making.

    They jump from "money making scheme" to "money making scheme" without ever bothering to actually do any work.

    They get started, decide it is too hard, and then make comments about how it "doesn't work anymore" and move on to some other goose they think will lay golden eggs.
    Forbes-Listed: "Ten Consultants Who Avoid the Bullsh*t"
    American Business Awards: Named one of their "Marketers of the Year"
    Plus: A Bunch of Other Awards and Media Placements

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    I give up, what is the Ebay Trick?
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    Well you've already had the answer - like Andrew said - it's not the latest new thing - it was the latest new thing on this forum about 7 years ago aswell. Some of us have been telling people how to do this here for longer than that for free.

    This stuff comes in cycles. When people stop talking about it - raving about it like it's new catches all the recent newbies again and makes thing get a new surge.

    There are people talking about Adsense again like it's new - it happens to all aspects of IM.

    These people are feeding on newbies who don't realise it's all been said before. Their market is the people who want to be told it's quick and easy to make money and they'll use whatever angle gets the job done.

    It's easy to jump on the 'offline' niche because most IM newbies have never run a business and will believe that business owners are as gullible as they are. Once they look into it and find they're not and you can't actually BS your way to lasting success with them - they want the next shiny new business model - fortunately their guru will have it ready and waiting for them.

    This is just the standard cycle that is the reason the IM gurus you're referring to can keep trawling this niche for more newbies with spare capacity on their credit cards.

    As long as they keep saying their latest thing is new and different, their hungry followers will jump on it hoping it's their golden egg.

    The real irony here is that many newbies to this forum jump on it too and start charging fellow warriors for information that's been said here for free in the past.

    Even the little fish start to eat each other in this market.

    nothing to see here.

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