The PERFECT Way To Get Offline Clients?

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I used to spend time performing at schools al over the midwest. Because of this, I got to talk to a lot of principals and PTA members. The subject of funding ALWAYS came up. I often had to create some innovative ways to get paid for my shows.

Once I started to work with local businesses as a consultant, I remembered my school performing days. It is also significant that today, a lot of schools have been left holding the bag as far as funding is concerned. I know one school locally that lost a BIG chunk this year.

Here is how you help the schools, community, and build your business at the same time.

You go to the schools and offer to do a fundraiser for them. You suggest that local businesses could come in and learn about how to have an impact on the web. This is not a pitchfest. You actually have good, solid info for the businesses.

The school provides the auditorium or meeting room. The students sell tickets to the evening event. The school gets to keep half or more of the proceeds. Let me tell you, after kids have beat themselves up trying to sell candy and the school makes a grand, this is much more profitable. Most cookies, candy, candles, and the like are sold to parents and other relatives. Maybe, just maybe the relatives can cough up $20.

However, going to business owners and asking them for $77 for the school AND they are getting valuable content to HELP their business makes this work. Also the fact that the school is trying to "Help" the community is good for everyone.

By the way, it works better with junior high and high schools.

With only 100 tickets sold... with no other money collected... the school gets over $3500. If you want to give the school a bigger chunk, you'll sell more tickets with the school encouraging the youngsters to go out.

You provide flyers, training, tickets, and a presentation.

You can make a lot more money turning this into an event with advertisers, tables at the back of the room, etc.

At the end of your presentation you briefly mention how you can help the local businesses. You offer some packages with DEEP discounts for that day only.

In any case, that's what I do.


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    Yet another great concept you shared.

    This absolutely works. I did one of these when I was first starting out and I was pleased with the results. Free room and equipment along with a chance to fine tune your presentation.

    I targeted a school in an area with a higher income range, thinking that if I targeted that I would end up with more parents who were business owners.

    I was surprised to find out that a majority of the attendees were not parents, but were just plain old business owners looking to learn more about how to get more clients.

    The lesson I learned here was not to overthink things and just get them done!

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    Hi Millard,

    Another great aquisition method is revealed.

    thanks for sharing,

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      Great info I am concerned about the $77 I am wondering if this is to much right now with the economy. I want to try this I am just wondering what to charge per ticket, anyway thank you for the info
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    You can charge whatever you want!

    The key is to give REAL value to the participants. For $77, businesses learn all about getting good placement on Google, the importance of social networks, the savings of doing business on the 'Net, and a few other things.

    You could charge $47 and still do well. The key is that you are not looking to make all your money from the seminar, but from the clients you get. Even if you GAVE all of the money to the school, you'd STILL get in front of a bunch of business owners to teach them about being found online. Once the business owners see the value, you'll get clients easy.


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      I agree I think you would get alot of business owners that would say I am to busy what do you charge. I was thinking of teaching them how to optimize and geo target video comercials and images, and touch on some other things also. How long should the seminar be 1 hour?
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    These are business owners and $77 is a drop in the bucket when it comes to this type of thing, especially if the money is going to a good cause.

    Also, you need to really consider this:

    If they can't afford $77 for this, how do you ever think you will be able to get them do drop $500, $1,000 or more for your services.

    Check out Rockhurst University (less of a university and more of a training compnay) or some of the other companies that provide training to business professionals. They regularly charge $300 for training (this type of training too).

    This really isn't but a drop in the bucket, even given the economy.

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      Makes sense, thank you
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    You might also consider doing the same thing for the local colleges. I know the major University down the road has a chapter of the Students AMA (American Marketing Assoc.) ... I would imagine it'd be pretty easy to get them involved.

    Tell them they get real world marketing experience, plus a cut of the ticket sales... Done deal that's a win-win.
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    Thanks for sharing MWGrubb58
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      I'm exploring offline marketing right now. That is a method to get in touch with business owners in the community that I have never heard of before. It really makes sense and it turns it into a "community event" instead of just some business presentation. Thanks for the tip.
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    Millard, that's a great idea.
    How long do you usually make the presentation?
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      Originally Posted by TimD View Post

      Millard, that's a great idea.
      How long do you usually make the presentation?
      The presentation is usually no more than 90 minutes. Any more than that and I start revealing TOO much. By that I mean that I get on a roll and overwhelm to audience!

      I had to learn to follow a special script so I wouldn't go down rabbit trails. I like the approach Tom Antion uses to make presentations. Even though the information is very good, there is no reason not to make it fun and entertaining at the same time. If you can get the audience to laugh with you while you are teaching, then you'll get far more sales.

      The reason for this?

      People want to take part of YOU home! They have been touched emotionally and want to continue with that experience.
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        I have a question a little of the subject but not. I want to setup a presentation for realtors and I am working with a title company that is willing to send out an email to 3500 realtors on their list. I dont just want to send a regular email, I want to record a message that plays when they open the email. I know their are programs for that any suggestions? thank you for any insight.
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    I have personally tried it with organizations and not only they welcome us but also this helps branding and definitely increase our business . Definitely workable idea.
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    I think has a feature where you can embed video or at least send an audio postcard via email.
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      Nice idea.

      I'd be inclined to give all the revenue to the school or a very large portion of it.

      In many schools these days they won't allow children to actively give out leaflets etc.

      But they certainly will send leaflets home with children to give to their parents and in a school of 1,000+ children that may be all you need to get a good number of business owners to attend whatever talk you do.

      One other thing that will increase the perceived value of your talk, make you and the school look generous and significantly increase your chances of picking up paying clients.

      During your talk explain that for one on one consultations you usually charge $x ($100-$500+ whatever you're comfortable with).

      Then say the (whoever introduced you) has twisted your arm and you're going to offer the first 5 people who claim it a one on one consultation as a gift for supporting the school.

      Obviously you don't have to give out just 5. The more the better for you and the business owners.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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    Nice Idea Millard!

    I have a middle school just down the street form me and it's more of a "upper class" filled school. I need to talk to them and see what I can work out.

    I have kind of played around with ideas in my head before about business related fundraisers for schools, but this one is nice and simple.
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    One way that I've found that allow the kids to go out into the community is that you have a specific group in the school like the band or football team or the cheerleaders or the drama club sponsoring it as part of the school.

    There is more teamwork and those groups are used to going out with fundraising type of projects.

    You just have to be creative in your approach... this works better than most other promotions I've dealt with.


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