Does a one page website earns money?

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I'm just curios if those websites I saw that typically has only one page on it do earn revenue? They call it squeeze page if i'm not mistaken?
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    Squeeze page, idea is to grasp details from the visitor. Usually an Email will do.
    Then the selling part comes afterward.
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    It's usually not just one page - but you can't access the rest of it until you enter the "marketing funnel" by giving up your e-mail address.

    - Sammy
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    I have an affiliate page that does about $20 a day, just from the search engines, and it's just one 1 page.
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    A few of my affiliate marketing buddies are doing $20K and $30K a month driving traffic to a squeeze page.

    The secret is that all the other pages, the review pages and stuff, are hidden. So in order to get access, the links are sent out through email.

    Think of it as a 'easy to set up' membership site...
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    yah it is earn money but this site is not attractive and people cannot interested on this.
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      people use these pages to capture the email addresses so that they can be sent a number of promotional offers. This how they make big $$$$$
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    You needed to being up a year old thread for that?
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    basically that one is just a small representation of details, the real business goes on behind that page.
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