How we get leads for our Offline Business

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As Internet Marketers I am amazed that so many turn their offline business model into a job.

We use the same techniques we incorporate for online business for our offline market.

The only difference is we drive the traffic with small adds in papers, magazines etc.

So here is a sample of what we provide.

Lead Generation for Offline Marketers and Web Designers

Works like a dream

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    That's a great idea Quentin.

    I've been a little slow getting around to turning the information I give business
    owners in PDF format into videos, but there's more appeal to video. Especially
    videos that show them how to do things they may not be able to actually do
    on their own leading them to come to me for help.

    As marketers I think we tend to forget that not everyone can do what we do
    even if we give them a video showing them how to do it. They'll still come to
    us and pay us for that service even though technically they have the info
    they need to tackle it themselves.

    I think this may also increase the perceived value of our services once a
    business owner sees just how much goes into providing it not knowing that
    we would more than likely outsource all the tedious work we show them how
    to do in the actual videos.

    May have to jump on this soon. The more I think about it, the better it sounds.
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    use adwords. Its great
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    All the above ideas are great in getting leads, from ads on newspapers, videos, adwords. I am finding a great way also in combination with all the other is from the facebook strategy. Getting to know an individual , develop a connection, if you do it consistently, you will see the trust and friendship develop. Its great.
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    • Profile picture of the author LarryS
      Great content Quentin!

      One minor point, you spelled "immediately" incorrectly in one of the slides near the end of your sales video.

      Congrats on getting all those businesses to rank so well in Google!
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  • Profile picture of the author MsMotivation1
    Quentin, glad to hear that this works for you. I'm planning to put together something like this myself in video format. Thanks for sharing!

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  • Profile picture of the author Ryan Shaw
    I use ten different ways to approach business owners...

    One great way is just to get out there among them in networking meetings and in the community and just simply let them know what you do!

    You will be amazed that everybody wants to know more!!
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