Leveraging Fiverr to Setup a Offline Stream

by Cash37
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Quite frankly I've read way too many posts on message boards in the last week about people that cannot make any money using FIVERR.com. In every post I chimed in with the same piece of advice:

"Sell services one place, buy them on Fiverr. Dont do gigs."

And people still do not get it. There is even one person who thinks it is IMPOSSIBLE to make over a hundred dollars in a single day from Fiverr.

Well, I am going to spill the beans for you on exactly how this is done.

First of all what is the best value you can get on Fiverr for your $5? For me I would have to say content writing, any kind of data entry, audio, and live video.

So we are going to leverage that, audio namely.

Who can use audio? What are audio advertisements used for? Where can they be heard? That's right... on the radio!

So all we have to do is find some local businesses to call up or snail mail about our audio advertisement service. But before we go there... we are going to leverage one other thing. The radio station itself.

So while listening to the radio to research we need to take note of:

1) The industries still advertising on radio
2) What is going on at the radio station

Usually radio stations throw parties and events. THEY too need advertising. So what we are going to do is DRIVE to the radio station and meet them face to face. No hiding here.

Tell them you own a marketing firm and can help them advertise their events and parties on facebook. All you want in return is a discount on radio advertisement. See where this is going?

Now go back to Fiverr and order facebook fanpage creation for the radio station's party and order invites to the page. This should cost no more than ten bucks.

Once the radio station is happy and you get your discount now take your list of industries advertising on the radio and start calling all the companies that do not have ads up.

Tell them you have negotiated a special rate with the station in advance, and that you have a professional voiceover artist on retainer. Put a price on the package to cover your costs (fiverr for the voiceover, plus whatever the radio rate is, plus what your commission is) and let them know you will be calling all their competitors and only dealing with one per month. Or however you want to structure the deal.

As you can see, there are SO MANY ways to leverage Fiverr like that it is not even funny. I just wanted to give you this strategy because lots of people like to say it is impossible when really they don't want to work.
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    That is amazing people don't get how to profit from Fiverr.

    I recently had an article made into a video with voice.

    Think of all the article marketers that would love an easy way to market and leverage off their existing knowledge base. More links and eyeballs to their content.

    Another fiverr will submit a video to fifty video sharing sites, open new accounts too.

    Another fiverr will make an article into a slide show and submit to a bunch of high ranking slidesharing sites. Again more links, more eyeballs, all from existing work.

    Offline business owners will think you are tech genius of the highest order!

    Just another service which can be provided as an add on, or just run with
    just those two services.

    All the best,
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      Originally Posted by ewenmack View Post

      Offline business owners will think you are tech genius of the highest order!
      Ewen I have to say you hit it right on the money there.
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        I have recently started using Fiverr to buy some services.

        It is amazing what some people are prepared to do for a fiverr
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    fiverr is great for cheap projects.
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    Fiverrr is a great place to go. If you are advertising there to offer services, it would be wise also to produce what you promise. If you show yourself worthy of your work, be assure you name will be going outward to others. Word of mouth. you produce your work worthy, its like a broadcast going out.Go out of your way to make your customer happy. That is some great advice above about leveraging,I know lot of people that uses that.
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