Creating Systems - Not as boring as it sounds

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Hi all,

Was at a Brad Sugars seminar on Tuesday and the man was truly inspirational. His motto - Do the work once get paid forever.

It got me thinking - what have I done that is currently making me money after doing the work once?

Well an ebook I wrote does.
The upsell does.
The autoresponders do.
The Adsense on my webpages does.
The Optimised landing pages I create do.

nothing in that list above has anything to do with my real offline business of getting clients and working their businesses.

It frustrates me to think that I will always need to be IN my business when working the offline scene. That is unless I can implement a system.

"Get an employee" I hear you say.
So what - I get someone who's going to sit there and not do anything until I tell them to do it - and if they don't and I go get another employee they'll do the same thing and so on... Unless I can remove the problem of "what are they going to do for me if I am not in the office to monitor them?"

A system. That's what they will do.

Something they can open up and follow steps 1 - 10.
Once they've completed 1-10 they can start again over and over.
If they decide to leave that's ok. I have a system. The next person can start at 1 and work through to 10.

Yes, it actually is.

Let me give you an example that will illustrate this point beautifully.
There is a free report from Gene Pimmental. The report is about finding good keywords and buying them as domain names. His plan is to optimise the landing page so it appears near the top of Google for that search phrase.

I've done this a few rimes and lease out domains. It's a relatively simple system that will allow you to put your own twists in it if you so wish.
But the point here is that it is a system. Rince and repeat. Steps 1-10.

The best part of this is that you don't need to do it. You can hire an assistant. Give them a budget of say 25 dollars a day worth of domain purchasing. Show them how to buy and optimise the domains and wordpress blog and then they can rinse and repeat. You can even record the videos of you doing the optimisation part so you only ever have to do it once; they can refer back to the camtasia/screen capture if they need to.

Once they've done that they can then contact the potential businesses via email for you (the businesses to contact are the ones paying for Google Adwords).

So that's a system that can be replicated. Simple and effective.

Now - what other systems can we do?

Well - how about a Facebook and Twitter system?

The system could go something like this:

Facebook - 9:15am log into client A's Facebook page and respond to any comments and posts. Write on the wall of Client A about their daily Special or whatever.
Twitter - 920am check Client A's Twitter account for any Tweets over night. Check Twitter searches for any potential business for Client A.

Repeat for Client B,C,D,E,F etc...
All we will have to do is create a camtasia video/pdf document ONE TIME about how to do this. "Do the work once get paid forever". Sorry guys

Then repeat the System at lunch time, then at 4pm etc.

So that's two systems.

Time to pull out our Marketing Blueprints here guys... What else? Article submissions... Youtube video creations, comment posting etc... The list can go on.

Once we have systems in place we can now really begin to work ON our business and not work IN it.

Would appreciate any feedback on this and any ideas for systems.
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