"Revolutionize the Accommodation Industry using Direct/Social Media Network Marketing"

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Hi everyone,

Our family is soon to partnership together and purchase a small accommodation business that has 10 cottages with a business owners' house, it is based in the high country (Alpine mountain region) Victoria, Australia.

1. We are looking to direct market this accommodation business using social networking media such as Facebook Fan Page, etc. on its main website launch plan.

2. As an entrepreneur, l plan to play my part in r
evolutionizing the small business Self-fully Contained Cottages in the accommodation industry by using social networking media to grow the already established business to the next level. To strengthen the current returning guests relationship as well as building new prospect guests by building a tribal community around the service and brand.

3. l also plan to introduce a "Membership Based Model Packages" to the business accommodation industry which would consist of 6 membership packages: Free Membership, 1-Year Membership, 2-year Membership, 5-Year Membership, 10-Year Membership and Life-time Membership. Have you seen membership subscription base packages before done in the small accommodation industry?
For instance: 1-year Membership subscription package includes 10 nights' accommodation that can be taken in that 1-year plus other value packages like in-house massage, food hamper gifts, breakfast serve, waterless carwash service, winery tour, etc. for example. For the rest of the Membership Packages there will be a limited number to each one level due to balancing the occupancy rates.

4. l plan to do relaunch style direct marketing giving great quality content and information on:
4.1Why you need to recharge your life and the benefits for doing so will have on your relationships and community around you?
4.2 Why you should consider traveling to rural areas or "countryside we call it" for a holiday, touring, daytrip, or vacation?
4.3 When and what season you would consider your trips?
4.4Why you should highly consider a high country mountain vacation or touring?
4.5Benefits and the things to consider for you as a unique person to maximize and recharge you and your family to a greater level each trip.
Why to consider the high county in Victoria Australia on your tour, holiday/leisure or vacation list?

5. l will use the power of social network videos, mindmapping, audio and visual image to engage this information. I'm considering using either FusionHQ or JVPress marketing membership management systems to launch and engage building the tribal community gigs offering them choices from free membership, which would include a part of online tribal membership and also offline tribal membership with rewards card. For those who are ready and desire for a greater experience in the tribal community gigs they may choose from the combined online and offline tribal subscription membership packages ranging from 1, 2,5,10 and lifetime memberships online and offline tribal community gigs accommodation. Each subscription package will have a limited number of subscribers, the greater number of years subscription will have a greater value in content both online and offline offer, which means a greater experience in their holiday, trip or vacation tribal community gig.

Look forward to your feedback and your thoughts on this social network/internet marketing experiment; I'd also love to hear what you'd like to experience in a holiday trip or vacation base in your accommodation, what you'd require a peaceful and recharging countryside experience holiday or trips? As above mentioned, l have not seen this implemented exactly with my research in the industry. Moreso Australia would love to hear from, if this has been done in any country if you know of or heard of at all.

Regards Brian
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