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When doing a search for plumbers, contractors, painters, etc. (my city + keyword) either the search volume is very low or Google shows no searches for that term at all.

Am I being naive here?

How do you go about selling websites to these types of companies or (any company for that matter) when there are no search terms for their industry?

I mean isn't the idea to show them the results from the searches through Google to show them that they need your services and a website?


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    Just out of curiosity, what is the city you're in? There's usually a way to still show the value to the prospective client. I'd like to search it out.

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    Use Googles insights to see what people all searching for in the city. Its doesnt give you a number of searches, but tells you what they are searching for. It is the little magnifying glass image you see on the right of the keywords. It also gives you the rising searches.
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    Hi Jim,

    The city I live in is Redondo Beach, CA.

    I'm targeting contractors and the like because that is an industry I am familiar with.

    Let me know what you come up with.


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      Have you also tried top contractors in your area that do have websites to see if or what their keywords are? You can view their keywords and see who their competitors are and then analyze their competitors keywords as well. This will show their ppc & organic search results. I will PM you the tools you can use.

      I love learning and sharing what I know.

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    When it comes to local traffic, you can't really expect a TON of traffic - but the good news is that the traffic your clients will be getting will be ultra-targeted, which is great for their business.
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    It is batter to use google keyword tool to know batter keyword.
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    Sometimes I get better results with "keyword" + "my city", but as Chris said, the numbers may be low but it will be ultra targeted for those
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    Well that great because you will be able to dominate the market.

    A plumber is not the only keyword you would use.

    Use a blog to target all sorts of keywords for the industry.

    For example I got a good listing for a tyre outlet in Windsor Australia which has bought in
    some sales for him even though it said no searches. Company is Tyrehouse.

    Ford Tyres Windsor

    After doing a few posts you no longer have to add in the town as they get found just for ford tyres in

    Same for Steel Sheds for another client Affordable sheds Southside.

    Steel sheds Beenleigh

    So plumbers would be no different. By posting you can target all sorts of different niches for their industry.

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    It's about now and the future.

    Local search is not going away -- it will continue to get stronger and more necessary as a means for businesses to get found online and for generating new business. Even with low (to none) keyword searches right now, each segment for the sectors you mentioned has a healthy 7/10 box presence for Redondo Beach, CA.

    To approach businesses, I would explain the declines in local advertising (YP, newspapers, etc.) and their rising costs. Show them the 7box listings, how and why this is the future. The longer they wait now to position their business online, the harder it will be in the future to rise to the top listing positions. This isn't a fad, it's a long-term strategy...some help right now, a lot more help as local search grows.

    Seeing the competition listed (and they aren't) might add the urgency for them to get started now. Then, as you add listings, articles, social marketing, press releases, position the business as the "expert," etc. you won't be depending on search alone as you help them get started online now. Way too many reasons why a local business needs to be found online NOW.

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