Simple and easy to say to local business owners.

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So i just came back from one of city's b2b marketing event. I went prepared and was excited to meet so many new and current business owners.

If you are doing local search marketing, this will work just follow the steps, it is super easy.

1)Know how to do local search marketing yourself. If you do know how, go to step 2.

2)Google "network meeting city name, state abv" or
"business events city name, state abv"
"b2b events city name, state abv"
"events city name, state abv

3)Once you find a site that has business related meetings, write those done or copy and paste where you will remember it, better yet put the dates, location, time in your phone calendar.

4)After that, create some business cards, this is very cheap.
Supplies-walmart, target, local shop, and get some double sided business cards or one sided, and make sure you have a printer and have microsoft word, there are free business card templates.(pm me if you need help on that, it's free)

5)On your creation of the business card, have a CALL TO ACTION and a ATTENTION HEADLINE. this is offline marketing at it's best. Look at all the online sales pages. They have things that will help you to read what the product creator is promoting, this is the same with offline marketing.
Have a headline that will draw their attention, like "First Page Google Rankings in 60 days or less, Guaranteed" " below that have, "Call Now for Free Consultation" then your LOCAL number this is huge, people only like dealing with local business owners unless you are dealing with your own generation that understands that people travel before they are even 18 years and have already have many cell numbers, anyways, print these out.

Make sure you have the name, website, number, email, address, if you are afraid of them seeing your address, dont be, if they ask, say your business has been expanding and you currently work with clients from their establishments. If they are rude and have to know, say you work from home and you love it. Some business owners think they know it all and can be rude, if you are a small business owner reading this, then you probably have met those types of owners before and can understand how they are.

Now the day of that event: Be sure you RSVP if you are required to or it will be embrassing.

6)Take a shower, brush your teeth, if your hair is long, comb it so it looks professional, if you are a lady, make it look attractive, trust me, don't flont, just make it look like it should if you were going to a big party and you would want to meet new people for the first time and want to impress them professionally. Keyword professionally, not sexually, you are a small business owner not a pretty lady that can be eyed at and ingored when you talk about business matters. I think you get the point. Also guys, shave, no 5 oclock shadows, you to want to be looking professional. And if you want, spray some smell good on your collar, not too much, this is a business meeting not a sex party.

7)Once you are cleaned up and ready to impress, get some practicing on your words. You know they will ask what you do, with me they asked what I did and this is the secret words that I used in order to have them drop their jaws.

(after some walking around and talking about whatever)
client: hi, what do you do?
me: hello, I use the most advanced technologies on the internet today and help small businesses to get to the first page of the search engines.
client: really? your local?

me: yes, i am, are you guys online?
client: no, i have been thinking about doing that, do you have a card?

me: yes i do, my name is Jordan, what's your name?
client: oh, I am ____,

me: Well, it is nice to meet you ________
client: nice to meet you too.

me: how about i come to your business this friday, do you have time in the morning or afternoon?
client: my schedule is packed all week, but how about calling me this friday?

me: No problem, i will put you in my phone calendar, also I plan on emailing you, is that okay?(building a list)
client: yes

me: sounds great, I will email you later and call you this friday
client: alright thanks

have a great day we say and go to another table or whatever

you see when you are marketing offline, you have to be yourself, if you try to pretend and act like someone else, you better be able to fool them for a long time. which is not recommended if you are honestly trying to build an offline business and be the city hero.

I hope this helps you guys and gals out and start search for network meetings, business related functions, on google today and get ready.

Also, be yourself, trust me, this works the best and you wont stumble over words that you are reading from a script unless if you practice it enough which is honestly okay, what do you think all the top internet marketers, video marketers, highest paid actors, and even police and military officials do? They practice it from a script and they do it over and over so it comes out naturally.

If you are in an apartment and you are afraid that other people might hear, it, take a shower and practice saying it out loud. Trust me, if you are nervous that is okay. You think that all the top internet marketers just started speaking like it was nothing, they too had to sharpen their saw and get it right and now it comes out perfectly and they dont care if they mess up because they will think of something else to say that will totally redirect what they were saying that made them say something foolish but the person listening wont realize it.

Well, i hope you guys the best and i have to get something to eat

Stay tuned for my local search marketing product, it is what most online marketers dont even think about or they do and charge you an arm an a leg which is alright with me, and i respect them for that, plus they have been in the game longer and they deserve the respect because they worked to get to that point in their lives. Koodos to you and look forward to possible joint ventures.
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    So basically your thread really isn't about adding some value its about letting us know you just blew a bunch of smoke up our butts so you can inform us several times in your post that your releasing a product?

    You lost me the second you mentioned that you are about to release a new product.
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      No I just got several leads by telling them i do local search marketing. And instead of telling all the secrets of how I get local rankings and local business client openly, i mentioned some of the things that have helped me. I am sure that you have done things that have helped you and then there were some things that you would like to offer to others in a product possibly.

      Also, maybe you have not started at the bottom like the majority of internet marketers, who by the way,, would love information to help them get out there and how they can speak to local business owners.

      It is a shame that you would try to berate me on this forum, I wish you the best and hope that you have much success with your internet marketing.

      Thanks again for your reply, take care and God bless.
      Drop Shipping Success
      How I Went From A Simple Idea To Processing Over $1,000 Dollars PER CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!
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    I agree with Rus Sells, sorry
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      Originally Posted by thomasmps View Post

      I agree with Rus Sells, sorry
      when you said, "sorry" in actuality that means you negate what you just said, but again thanks for your reply and much success to you as well.

      and even if you came back and changed it, it still holds true to what you said first.
      Drop Shipping Success
      How I Went From A Simple Idea To Processing Over $1,000 Dollars PER CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!
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    I'm still waiting for the "secret", did I miss something?
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      There is a secret? I must have started at the bottom like all internet marketers then I would have seen it.
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