first offline client landed! value?

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Hey guys so I just landed my offline client! I'm super excited as I had plans to do a lot more training and preparation (and will actually still do this) but for now I'm going to outsource most of the work he wants done and use whatever commission I get to invest further into my learning and growing in this field.

Basically, I discovered that this dentist in my town had a local video service make a video for his practice which implemented a new piece of technology that most people don't have yet...I found this out from the company's site and noticed a review this dentist put "i'm ranked 4th in google nationally for my services...I don't know how they did it but WOW"

after reading this I knew I could land this guy, because he doesn't understand while he may indeed be ranked 4th (it's actually first) nationally for this particular keyword...he's not getting any local traffic from this, and keyword is so bad he's probably getting no traffic period. He paid about 500 bucks for the video which is about right for what it is.

anyways...i called him and said
"hey I saw your you mind if I rank it on the first page of google for "THE CITY AND STATE KEYWORD" so you can try to get more contacts from it."

he said "you can do that? definitely, please do"

i said "okay great, what site can i send the traffic to" (he didn't have a site, i knew this)

he said "oh i dont have a website, is that a problem?"

i said "no not at all, your number is in the video, you will still probably get a significant increase in leads from this alone, but with a site you could probably get lots more"

he said "hmm you have some time to talk?"

and bam.

so...we talked about doing the following services:

more videos and ranking those on the first page of google
a clean web 2.0 site w/ opt-in and autoresponder
rank that site on page 1 of google for 3 local keywords
rank that site in top 7 places for those 3 keywords
custom facebook fanpage with viral campaign incorporating contest and prizes

i figured i'd charge 5k for the site creation and SEO services to rank it for 3 keywords and the places and 397 monthly to host/continue SEO serivces to keep it ranked

but whats a good price to charge for a video creation?
whats a good price to charge to rank a video one page 1 google (this will be easy)
whats a good price to charge for the custom FB fanpage design/develop/install
whats a good price to charge for the viral campaign to get targeted fans

I need to give him the exact quote tomorrow so he can cut a check! I'm super excited and ready to get to work. Sorry if something sound stupid or wrong, I took some sleeping pills and I'm so close to being out.

thanks again
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    Gratz dude! Your thinking exactly like a closer! You led him right down the path and closed him the moment you asked him, "What site should I send the traffic to".

    I could not answer your questions about pricing so I hope some other chime in to give you some direction.

    Please to post back after your appointment tomorrow to let us know how it went!
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      Whatever price you do decide on make sur ethat you create a residual component.

      One price for getting all of it done and another (monthly) for keeping it in the best possible spot.

      Hope that helps


      Bronwyn and Keith
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    That's awesome getting your first client! The things you want to price can be tricky since we don't know what kind of video you are going to make or the quality and cost involved for you. $300-$500+ would sound about right to me for the video creation, getting it ranked is kind of part of the SEO, but I don't know about pricing just for ranking the video. The Facebook custom design and viral campaign could be at least $500+ depending on what you do with it.

    It all depends on what the value is to the client and what you combine together as a package or keep seperate pricing. I would almost go the package route, instead of breaking it all down into seperate prices.
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      Congrats on landing teh client as for the pricing perhaps you might want to consider how much might he be willing to pay and what cost and work does it make worht your time?
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    Super job! Now go find another one while your emotions are running high. Seriously!

    When it comes to SEO, there are zero dumb questions. Find the answers you need in our SEO FAQ section. If I don't address your question there, send me a pm and I'll answer it that way.

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