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Brand Spanking Newbie here. Just built my first ever wordpress website....local niche, seo'd for one keyphrase with keyphrase domain. Initially, the site was in the wordpress folder so it showed up at www.mydomain.com/wordpress. It ranked 6 for one keyphrase and 9 for another.

I immediately moved it into the root folder and over the past 5 days have been optimizing, adding backlinks, changing descriptions, phone numbers, etc.

Even though I moved it, the old unedited version in the wp folder continued to show up on google.

Finally, this morning I did a search for the main keyphrase and found the updated site in the #1 spot on Google. I was obviously extremely happy to see it, so I immediately called my client. He tells me he can't find it. I do another search.....gone...nowhere to be found in 10 pages. Try secondary keyphrases....nothing. I check with Market Samurai...nothing.

Any ideas? Should I be concerned?

Thanks for any insight.
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    Some times new domains get love from Google and then get re-adjusted ranking wise. Don't be concerned, keep adding content and back links.

    Also go into your cpanel and do a 301 redirect that redirects any traffic arriving to your site.com/wordpress to divert to yoursite.com instead.

    Hope this helps.
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    I wouldn't worry too much, this is how things go at first with Google. Just keep on moving forward and by all means have that 301 setup ASAP so Google understands "where it went".

    You'll drive yourself mad if you look at google's results on a daily basis lol.


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      Yes early on (and sometimes even years down the track) a site can disappear from google's rankings for a few hours or a few days.

      It's usually because google is reshuffling its rankings.

      If you're creating websites with high quality targeted content and getting good quality backlinks you don't have much to worry about.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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    For a newly built website it is a common thing happening but keep on doing the good work

    Remember seo is a constant and consistent effort
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    Same happen to me, don't worry, in few days it will be ok.
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      Originally Posted by GaneshInfoTec View Post

      yes same happen to my blogspot blog.You need to update your site regulerly thats the key to get first page of google
      I agree. Keeping your content fresh is very important to keeping that high ranking.
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        Originally Posted by Geek3 View Post

        I agree. Keeping your content fresh is very important to keeping that high ranking.
        ok, thanks. its back to the top spot. got deindexed since I moved it. I'm sure the redirect did the trick.
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          Disable google web history too. Your results will be skewed and you may think sites are moving up faster than they really are.
          I had been emailing a used car dealer who wouldn't believe he was on page 2 for "used cars city name". He was quite snarky and was very proud of his #3 position. I had to tell him to turn of his web history and do an " anonymous" search on google. He was much more pleasant with me after that.
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            No problem there.

            As othors replied in this thread. Just be patient and wait.

            I wouldn't worry a second. tried it many times myself.
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    Don't be too aggressive with your backlinking for a new site. Could get it sandboxed!
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      I know what you mean - Google shifts websites everyday!

      Contractor OS

      "Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning".
      -Benjamin Franklin-
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        Hi David

        How true.

        It would be nice if they just stayed in one spot for ever but new sites come on with more relevant content, more backlinks etc and thats why it changes.

        Keeps us on our toes though...


        Bronwyn and Keith

        Originally Posted by daviddeschaine View Post

        I know what you mean - Google shifts websites everyday!
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    This is actually due to a the behavior of Google towards Wordpress sites. Google(and many other search engines) categorize Wordpress sites as fresh content sites and will treat them differently from static websites in their rankings, this can be both good and bad.

    A wordpress site will initially get high rankings because it is classified as fresh content but after more fresh content fails to be put on, or irregular submission of content is committed Google will downgrade your rank because it wants a Wordpress site to live up to the category it is in and have a regular, steady stream of fresh content being generated.

    Unfortunately, there also appears to be a point of no return and your site is probably much passed that. Adding fresh content now will just feed into the irregularity that got your site there in the first place. I highly suggest just re-making the site in a CMS recognized as stable by Google or even pure HTML. These will give you steady rankings in the long run. Joomla and Drupal, for larger projects, or my own system, CopyPilot, for minisites and lander pages - are all good alternatives.

    In my experience Wordpress is best used for promotion of websites rather than as a website in itself. It is meant to be a blog and Google treats it very stringently like one, it seems even if you miss a post out of your regular schedule of submission it will penalize your ranking. Only use it as your main website if you can figure out a way to have regular submissions done, even if you can't be there to do them. I believe some type of automation scripts exist for that.

    You can find out more about this issue here:

    * Google’s Irregular Content Filter… a theory of Google’s expectations*by*SEO Refugee - Search Engine Optimization Blog and Forums

    March Update to Search Engine Optimization Test - Alledia
    CopyPilot: The Minisite CMS
    Superior SEO for a CMS | Fully Automated Sales | No Setup - Just Upload and Run
    *Free Review Copies Available on a First-Come-First-Serve Basis, PM or contact us at Contact@Copy-Pilot.com
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