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Hi Warriors,

Recently I have been working on list building and some other things in my business which are all going well.

But yesterday I was out down the pub as you do on a saturday and I bumped into a local business owner and we got chatting about SEO and my work on the net.

To cut a long story short, he basically wants me to start SEO for his site and has offered me £300 a month if I can get him into and keep him in the G7 box for some local terms (the google maps thing when you type in an area) and I am really thinking about getting into this marketing to local biz stuff as it seems so worthwhile!

My downfall is that I have minimal knowledge of SEO and even less of the G7 maps box. I've heard its easy but I have been looking around for some good info on this and cannot find anything. Would love for someone to help me out with some good info if you have the time. Cheers!
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