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by jstarx
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I was one of those guys who got a WSO on how to get top google maps listings and one boxes , etc. I got a couple clients and got them awesome results overnight. (they had little to no internet presence prior to me doing the maps listings) and i didnt have to do SEO. That was the beauty

Now the new changes google has made, have totally set me back because i cant get those results anymore by just optimizing the map listing apparently.

I know how to get the SEO done for the websites as well as keyword rich content. Now i need to get them listed in the most important local directories , and get them reviews and citations.

Does anyone have a service or company, software , or process you use to outsource the whole task of getting them listings in the local directories, citations , and reviews?

Id like a list of the most powerful local directories, and how i can outsource getting them listed and getting citations, and reviews. can anyone help with this.

I saw a couple sites that do this but the price they charge is a price that a local biz would pay, and not a price i would pay because of course i have to make a profit...lol..... so anyone here have a good place who charges a good price for this?????????
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