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Hi All,

I've a new client, a tradesman (contractor). There's one main keyword for what he does, but other services and their respective keywords that are searched for and complimentary to what he offers.

Lets use the example of a commercial painter.

The main business is exterior house painting, but he sells well when he "quotes", and a house painting job often leads to say interior painting, metal fittings restoration, fence painting, and roof treatments.

All these services have enough local search, and are things he does frequently.

The main service / keyword that finds him though is "{city name} house painting"

Obviously the main idea of the site is for people looking for any of his services to find him, and then sell them on choosing him, and upsell them on other services.

Researched the competition, and we could very easily push them out of top google positions.

My questions are:

1. Using WP to build site - should I go for a static page optimized for each service, alongside a blog that frequently updates?

2. The main service/KW ("house painting") receives the most searches by far, and is the main core business - what should be on the main home page - should it focus on this service while listing the additional services and linking to the internally?

3 How much copy is neccessary to get enough KW rich content in? I don't want to overdo it as it's essentially a simple job for a consumer to find out about - they don't need / want reams of waffle about it (I've seen this doe on similar sites, and it's silly and annoying), but we still need some KWs in there right? I'm thinking a short paragraph explaining the service (KW in title and maybe twice in copy), followed by list of benefits.

4. Lastly (and i realize this may open a can of worms!), what the latest thinking on google places - anyone recommend an up to date report/WSO etc? Need to know about citations, and if I can use a PO Box address for the company address.

Any input greatly appreciated - I hope others can share in the learning with me.

EDIT - if this post is better in the SEO section I'll move it - just thought offliners would come across this kinda thing more.
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    Bump. No ideas anyone? Am I on the right track?
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