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Hi guys,

I started do SEO for my first client last month. At that time we do not set up a monthly payment, just a one time fee for creating and optimizing new landing page.

What I did last month is, creating about 200 new landing page to target different area. and optimizing them. The keywords are "city"+"service"

Now, about 160 keywords ranked top 10 in major search engine.
about 60 ranked in #1-3 in Google, yahoo and bing.

Then I get paid for $300.

yes, just $300.

And this month I set up a monthly service for them.

1. create new landing page to cover more service.
2. do SEO for main keywords.
3. create video for each landing page.
4. submit the video
5. create auto responder like aweber, and to build list
6. build backlink.
7. create facebook fan page, and other social media networks.

Price is : $1000/month.

I was trying to sell at about $1500 or higher. But the client said he had already hire other company to do some SEO work. and hire a person to manage their Google adwords account. He paid: $1500 (other SEO) + $600 (PPC)

So he did not have much budget. maybe.

So I think, well, it's ok. let's do for $1000.
cuz I think I will get some referrals from him in next month.

What do you guys think?
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    Wow, you have way way underpriced your service.

    For the work you should have a set up fee (a large one for the work you have and are doing) and the monthly fee should cover the ongoing seo.

    As far as videos, autoresponder set up etc you should definately have set up fees.

    Don't undervalue your services. Ranking him for 160 keywords and creating 200 landing pages for $300 is just insane.

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    Just creating one landing page of 400 words should be for like $5+. So 200 of them means at least $1000 I guess.

    Top 10 in just Google for any popular keyword should be a few hundred dollars or so, or at least for every 4-5 keywords.
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    Hi Riz, thanks for comment.

    I started working for them without offline marketing concept. and I was promoting CPA offer online, you know, some offer just pay $1-$4 per lead. so that sense might influence me.
    cuz, do on-page SEO does not take me a lot of time. so that's why I did a insane thing
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    Thank you guys for the advices!
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    I think that this is a very important topic, and I would LOVE to know - realistically - how much one should charge for as much value as kjwlegend is giving.

    I liked WeavingThoughts input for the Landing Page text (VERY helpful... So thank you WeavingThougts!) - but how about for people doing keyword research for a client?

    For example - just to help someone out, I spent a few hours (which fly by before I know how much time I've spent doing it for no pay) researching viable keyword phrases and whether or not they could compete with those keywords ... How much is THAT type of research worth?

    Thanks for any further thoughts on this...

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    it's very difficult to put an accurate price tag on these services ... seems like everybody has a different opinion ... I have found that sitting down and talking to the clients and setting a realistic expectation is the best ... that has provided me with very reasonable fees
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