Evil marketers have great backlinks

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As I have written a few times along with others ... feed gurgle what it wants and it will reward your site. I know that is obvious to some extent, but the guy in this NY Times article knew it, planned for it, and delights in it.

Except he has done it in a despicable way, his backlinks are complaints about his ripoffs!

So, gurgle is just an idiot search engine that will do as it is told by its algorithms, and as you tell it to do if you pay attention. Exploiting that is easier than most think.

The problem for offliners is that local searchers will take it to heart if you receive online complaints or if your customer get complaints too.

Paying attention to complaints which are submitted to a blog may have to be dealt with promptly. Some may come from competitors of your client when people find out how the whole comment/backlink thing works.

Nevertheless, I learned a few things from the long article and have stored its link for future reference.

Here it is: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/28/bu..._r=1&src=busln

We all hate creeps like this guy, but there are more important lessons there for you and your offline clients, than initially meet the eye of the outraged.

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