Where Can I Get Canadian Phone Numbers

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Hi guys,

I'm about to enter a new niche in the lead generation game and I need a Canadian phone number. Any ideas as to how I can get one even though I'm not in the country?

Hitting myself in the face right now because I was there about two weeks ago, wish I would have gotten a prepaid card.
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    Really? Is no one here in to local lead gen in Canada?
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    Look into magicjack. Scroll to the bottom of page 1 for Canadian customers.

    magicJack (non affiliated)

    I bought magicjack to give additional lines for my offline business. $39.95 to buy the equipment + $19.95 per year....it allows you to pick your own number & area code....for a few bucks more you can even get a vanity number (something like 1-520-GOLOCAL). Works great for offline marketers targeting multiple areas....
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    Thanks Jagged. Thought it was strange that I was the only one targeting Canada. I will look in to that now.
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    Ringcentral.com provides Canadian numbers along with soft phone PC application and iPhone application as well

    Get Life You Deserve
    Alan Borcic

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    Here you go:

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