What Do You Think Of This Ad?

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Hey big guys,

tell me your opinion about this ad?

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    Arrgghhh my eyes.... hurt....

    Dude... this is... madness. There's too much information on too little space.. and the spacing and formatting of the words make it difficult to read. Not to mention the colour and background is quite distracting and doesn't give the serious business vibe you would want to portray..

    Overall.. the ad is difficult to read. And that alone is enough for you to revise the whole thing.
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    Holy Sh!t

    Ya...my brain hurt just seeing that square load up!

    Sorry, that's an immediate no-go in my books.

    Keep it SIMPLE!

    Here's what I have (headline)
    Here's why you need it (bit of text)
    Here's you need to do next and by when (Call to action)

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      I agree with Dex Your Ad is to busy. Check out some Ads you like to get an idea of what you would like your you to look like. Again keep simple.
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    Please tell me you're just kidding with that..because that's just wrong on SO many levels.

    I think you need to lose about 90% of the copy and then do what Paul and Dexx suggested.
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    Remember the purpose of an advertisement is to draw them in, not push them away. It would likely be better to take out multiple smaller 2-3 line ads then to push one that size with a lot of clutter.

    Each block you have could end up being a small headline, then a small call to action to get them interested enough to call you or click your website.

    Even with ads, Keep It Simple.

    Once you have their interest, then you can push the other aspects of your business.

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    It's awful, I'm very sorry to say.

    It needs to be simple, quick to the point, and there needs to be emphasis on the words and messages that you want to get across the most.

    Your advert could be turned into a very effective leaflet.
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    I hope you are joking? Way to busy and confusing. K.I.S.S. Keep it simple stupid is a good policy to follow. Check out some old stuff from Gary Halbert.

    My quit smoking date is 12/30/08.......
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    Very brain confusing ad mate, you need to keep it clean and very simple. just stick to the key points.
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    Ok.... I understand the need to grab attention.... But Damn....

    You really need to grab attention with your headline. You want it to pull them in. If I were to see this ad, I would think it was for a night club or rave.... Not a business marketing ad.

    Really.... In my experience. It is best to get inside your target demographics head. Know who they are. What they like. The way they think. The way they feel. The values they hold true in their life. How old are they? (on average) What do they drive? Where do they live? How many kids.... or grandkids do they have? What is their income level?

    Once you know these things....or have a rough idea of these things... you can speak to them in terms and with visuals they will understand and comprehend.

    I absolutely disagree with losing the amount of copy. In fact... words sell... pictures tell.

    Your focus is somewhat on the features and benefits angle. Which is good. You do realize... the people reading this only want to know one thing. "What's In It For Me?"

    So.... give them what they want.... focus it with "you get" statements... keep the focus on them and the benefits they will receive.

    "You will have peace of mind knowing all the technical stuff is handled by marketing minded proffessionals giving you time to relax and take it easy."

    See what I mean?

    WIIFM- what's in it for me.

    Another thing I don't see is a respectable "Calls To Action". Is there one? I don't know because my brain hurts because it is WAYYYYY to busy.....

    Is there a solid offer?

    Is there a guarantee?

    What's my reasoning for going to this free seminar? If you don't tell me.. I won't know.

    What can you GUARANTEE I will get out of it, as to set my mind at ease and want to attend?

    The logo you have should be at the very bottom..... No one cares about who you are. You want them to focus on the offer, benefits, calls to action.... plural, combined with something to create urgency.

    Why should I call right now to attend this Party when I can call for the next one. Print media end up in drawers and forgotten about unless you create urgency...

    So... Tone down the graphics... WAY down. Then make your imagery oriented to the features and benefits they will recieve. Add all of the principles I just shared with you plus maybe two more. Then resubmit and ask for our review before doing any split testing to see what is going to make it to the mass print.

    I am sure you have a tracking URL or promo code in there somewhere to track results while split testing right?

    I wish you the best.

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    One more thing.... Black background on a business related advertisement.... No bueno.

    Look into the psychology of colors. You may want to borrow from SBC Global, AT&T or Vonage. There is a reason those colors are used.....

    Blue is calming.... and bright Orange is a psychological ACTION color.
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    Youe ad is far to busy and complicated. Just stick to
    What, When and Where.

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