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Hi Warriors,

I just want to share some experience recently with my clients.

It started in May 2010. The client was actually my very own discussion partner. We always talk about life, business and daily life issue, just anything. Until one day i suggested him to open a Home-stay/Guesthouse due to the increasing arrivals of tourist and visitors in our beautiful Unesco - World Heritage Site City.

I offered to build him a website and will do all the online marketing work for him. He on the other hand, restored one of his house where he previously rent out to some college students into a guesthouse or home-stay. Some cost also was involved to repaint, installing air condition, satellite television, water filter and so on...

I designed a brochure and set-up his website

What i did was,

1. i write 3 articles and publish it on EZA, Digg and point it back to his site.
2. Publish invite comments at local public forum, neighboring country forum with link back to the site.
3. Publish invites on local free ads website.
4. Create one video explaining about his facilities, location and most of all benefit.
5. Setup his paypal account and payment button, local bank account.
6. Local listing on Google Maps - this is really helpful for local business.

His business turns up very good for him. Other guest house operators called and start to send him extra business, which they cant accommodate due to room availability.

and now in December 2010, he is intact on first page of google for his keyword. Its really quite easy to get first page with local business.

All are pretty basic. This month alone he received more than 36 phone-call but can only fullfill a few of the spots. And he is fully booked most weekend and now a very happy man raking in more than 2k per month as his part time income.

by the way, he charge $350 per-night, its a four bedroom two storey house.

He paid me around $500 for it and that's it. You can do it too, just approach local business and tell them the potential with your service. Altogether it took me 5 days to complete this.

- Shah
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